THE REVIEWS Special: Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! (Doki Doki Literature Club Part 3)

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3 min readAug 12, 2021

Hello, hello, I’m back! After 2 months of not reviewing anything, here I am again, and this time it’s the review I promised when I first touched on this in MY THOUGHTS ABOUT.

Before I go any further, I want to make it clear. I’m reviewing the expanded version of Doki Doki Literature Club, not the original version of it, because I’ve done that during my 2017 Christmas special. Therefore, I won’t be going through the whole main story again. To see the first two parts of this, just click on Part 1 and Part 2 to find out about how I feel about the game in general and its easter eggs.

One more thing: there’s definitely a bit of spoilers here. Unless you have played the game, or at least completed it at like 75% like me, read this at your own risk. I don’t like spoiling the game for others.

With that, enjoy this short special review.

I’ve played the expanded version a few days ago, and I gotta say that this is a really, really good expansion pack. I’m really impressed, to say the least. Dan and his team sure have put a lot of effort into this.

So, of course, in this expanded version, there are new stuff to look forward to. A new soundtrack, 100+ new pictures, backgrounds, sketches, and the one I’m most excited about: side-stories. Let’s go through them one by one.

The soundtrack, eh. Honestly, this was the part I touched the least. I might need to search up the Internet on how to unlock the whole soundtrack in the game, or I could just listen to Spotify (XD). But in all seriousness, I like the music here. The new music added is really great to listen to. It gives me chill and happy vibes, and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Next up, the 100+ new pictures, backgrounds, and sketches. Ho ho ho, lemme tell you that this actually took me a whole lotta time to get like 75–80% of the pictures. I had to go through resets, play the whole game many times, and do some certain things in order for the pictures to appear. I managed to collect most of them, but the others are part of an album, where I have to be lucky in my runs and get the desired picture during the second act. Other than that, the artists really did a great job with these artworks. They’re very beautiful and so eye-catching. Sure, we’ve caught glimpses at some of the artwork posted on Monika’s Twitter account and pixiv, but seeing it in this game with the new pictures just really makes me really happy. Because I really had to go through a lot to get these, I feel really accomplished. And yes, I’m no genius. I had to look up on how to get half of those pictures on the internet.

Onto the last part, the side-stories. These are absolutely stunning and breathtaking. The story writing in this is unbelievably fantastic, and I cannot even express in words how fucking good this is. I was so immersed into the stories. The side stories also showed more of the four girls we know and made me love them more than before. After you read all the sides stories, there’ll be a special surprise, and I guarantee you that it’ll make you smile so brightly.

This expanded version overall is a truly wonderful experience. I don’t have much to say either because most of the whole progress goes to unlocking the new features, which takes up a lot of time, and thus why I post this short review late. However, I think this is a really remarkable addition, and I suggest any of you who have played the original game to buy this. I know this costs money, but I bought this and never regretted it. This expanded version is so worth your money. I’m not sponsored or anything by the way XD.

With that, thanks for reading this short review. I’m sorry it’s this short, I just wanted to show my excitement for DDLC Plus. There would be a full review in probably two months from now, after I finish writing my current fanfic, so please bear with me. Thank you, and have a nice day.




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