THE REVIEWS Episode 59: A letter to Brave Frontier

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8 min readMar 30, 2022

Ahh, Brave Frontier.

What can I say? This game was so famous and well-known back in the 2010s. This game blew up so much everyone and their moms were playing it on their phones. In the bus, in the subway, or in the car. In schools, everyone compared their accounts with each other to see who had the strongest characters, or the most newest, coolest units from the summons. This brings back memories that had been buried deep in my heart long ago.

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Back in my primary school days, when the game first started, I was enticed to play it. It looks so cool and interesting. The animation, the characters, and even the gameplay mechanics. Animation was really stunning, the characters look so awesome with their armors and weapons (swords, bows, excalibur, even a goddamn axe), and the mechanics was pretty unique at that time. Not a lot of games had the same thing, so it was considered new to me.

To give you the summary of it, you play as a summoner who teams up with a bunch of other people to defeat monsters, bosses, and gods. Along the way, you’d find out backstories of the characters, how Karma Masta is trying to destroy the whole damn world, and how a goddess actually likes you. Wow.

Gameplay wise, in Quest Mode, you bring 5 units along with a friend unit to fight in a stage in an area of a world. Most stages consists of multiple battles and multiple enemies. Kill an enemy to gain Heart Crystals, which heal you, and Brave Burst Crystals, which fills your Brave Burst.

Brave Burst is a special ability most units have. They are like special attacks or supermoves as they deal pretty significant damage to the enemy once activated. It is activated by swiping up, which is pretty cool to me. I like it, personally. There’s also Super Brave Burst which can be unlocked by evolving a character to 6 star and their Brave Burst level is full. And then there’s ULTIMATE BRAVE BURST. ULTIMATE? HELL YEAH! It sounds so goddamn epic. It is only applicable to 7 stars and Omni rarity units.


To activate Ultimate Brave Burst, go into Overdrive by filling up its gauge. You can only get the gauge by placing the 7 stars and Omni rarity units into your team. Once filled, just swipe left of the 7 star/Omni unit and it will come up a red Brave Burst gauge. Fill that up, and swipe up for the ULTIMATE destruction! Get it? ’Cause, ULTIMATE Brave Burst means ULTIMATE destruction, right? Ha ha ha… I’m bad at jokes.

Once all the enemies are defeated in the current battle, you can proceed to the next battle until you reach the Boss stage. Defeat the Boss, and you complete the stage. Once you complete the battles in an area, you get a Gem. Your team dies, and you revive ’em with a Gem.

So, how do you get a unit? By going to the Summons tab. Spend 5 gems, and get a unit. This game is one of the first few starters…of the one of the most infamous things in the world: gacha. This…was my very first gacha game. I still remember the first 4 star unit I got.

Inferno Elza

The story is pretty interesting, to say the least. It kept me wanting more of the quest storyline. I thought it was pretty well-written myself. I loved most of the characters, especially the goddess Tilith.

Totally not because she’s sweet and pretty. Also, check out my Tilith collection (yes I have ALL her cards)

Vortex is like the events tab. It’s where you get Zel, Karma, evolution materials, levelling up materials, or even a free, promotional, limited-time unit. The materials, Zel, and Karma are required for levelling up and evolution of your units. Arena is just fighting players, but not in real time. Then there’s Raid Battle to defeat some monsters to get special currency and materials, and finally Guild Wars.

Another thing is the Spheres. Different type of Spheres boost your units in different ways. A unit can equip one, and two provided the unit is fused with a Sphere frog to give it an extra slot.

Trials. This allowed you to get the Boss units or special, powerful spheres once you defeat them. Pretty fun thinking of strategies to take down the boss and shield from the big damage at health thresholds. One thing’s for sure: the Boss units are so freaking awesome! Also, to the OGs out there, remember Ravea and the iUBB squad? I do XD

Brave Frontier even had collaborations with the likes of Deemo, King of Fighters, Fairy Tail, Boku no Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, and even Hatsune Miku. YES, you heard me right, the renown worldwide Vocaloid, with not one, not two, but FIVE different versions of her. Crazy, right? You can find the full list of collabs by clicking this link.

The soundtrack kicks ass too. It’s really soothing to hear the music, especially the one in the login screen and the Imperial Capital Randall theme. You could use it for study music and that’d be great.

I have to admit, I played this not just because it looked cool and interesting, but all my friends were playing it. They were getting into conversations, comparing their accounts with each other and talking about the latest hardest boss with guides. I wanted to join in on the conversations and make more new friends, thus I played it. This was how I got through my primary school. After that, though, I started gaining interest in it, so I continued to play it without my friends.

All the reasons I stated above was why this game got its big break. Sales were soaring high, and soon people from all around the world was playing it. So, when I heard that Brave Frontier will be closed on April 27 2022, I felt pretty sad. It was a childhood game to me; a game kept close to my heart even though I didn’t really touch it for months.

I mean, let’s admit it. We all know this game’s gonna close one day, but I didn’t think it’d be soon. It really hit me hard when it was officially announced because I never saw it coming. I wasn’t prepared for it.

It had so much potential, but I guess nobody really wants to play the same thing over and over again. After all, just take a look at the game. Anyone barely plays it now with the progress of events made throughout the years. The hard as fuck quests which requires you to use specific OP units which can only be gotten through Summons by luck and spending money, the new uniteresting units which don’t do very well in quests, and the lack of compelling events or new game modes. These are the few things that brought the game down from the throne. Gumi had even planned out a few events for the future, but now it can’t even be implemented. It went down like Animal Kaiser. A Youtuber did a video on Animal Kaiser losing its fame, and it’s pretty good. You can watch it here.

Still, though I could say Gumi partially deserves it for the lack of sales in the game, I still can’t help but feel pretty depressed and devastated because of it. It’s a game I grew up with, after all. I had happy memories playing it. Talking with my friends about our units, watching Ushi Gaming Channel on his reviews of units and guides on how to beat certain stages and Boss fights, the feeling of extreme satisfaction when you finally cleared the hard fight after a long time or getting the unit you wanted from the summons.

I really do feel nostalgic, looking at all the videos and remembering the 2013–2018 memories. In spite of all those hard content to boring events and shitty units, I still enjoyed playing the game. Unlike games these days, this one is really simple. It’s all about tapping, swiping, and strategies that weren’t too complicated. Despite Gumi’s best efforts to keep the game running, it ultimately had to shut down, and I understand. Nothing can last forever, and it has to go one day, so I’ll just accept it with open arms and a smile.

(This somehow feels like Tom and Jerry to me.)

I will miss this game. The storyline that kept me engrossed, the astounding, beautiful, elegant units, the gameplay, the music, Tilith and the other story characters. Everything about it. It was such a wonderful game and a wonderful 8 years. I have never regretted playing this game at all, and I want to thank Gumi from the bottom of my heart for creating this amazing game and for forming such a wonderful part of my childhood. I truly appreciate it.

Let’s all meet again in our next lives…as Summoners in Grand Gaia :)





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