Dare to Create!

Whatever it is you want to create — dare to!

I am not only talking about doing — I am talking about the whole process of creation with all its elements — the thinking, feeling, imagining, doing and aligning of your intentions. Get involved in and embrace the whole process of creation and try, practice, succeed, fail, try again, learn, progress. Do whatever comes naturally first and then watch it build momentum. Creation is not a linear process, there is no rule book that will help you.

In fact if you want to create — stop reading books.

Instead observe, be alert and let the creation happen through you. Don’t overthink stuff. The less you think the more creative you’ll be. Reduce friction in form of resistance to the creative process itself by accepting its nonlinear nature and go with the flow as much as you can but most of all — know that YOU are not creating anything — creation happens through you at best and if you keep that in mind you will be detached from the outcome which will allow for an even greater potential to create.


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About the Author:

Friedrich is a mentor and coach. He works with individuals and groups as well as companies looking to start new things, grow existing ventures or transition from one focus area to another. His principles are summarized in the StartGrowShift approach. Key to his clients’ success is to learn that integrity is paramount in any undertaking, inner success is always preceding outer success and that real success reaches far beyond the material.

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