Think: Solution!

So often are we confronted with what we call “problems” in life. But what is our first reaction when we are faced with a problem?

We tend to see the world in black and white, good and bad, yin and yang, problems and complaining about problems. That’s right! We’re not thinking problems — solutions. Most of the time when we are faced with a problem we first react to it by justifying, excusing, finding out why, how, who, where, etc…, we start to analyse instead of accepting the situation as it is. Now, that’s a problem in itself, isn’t it? What is the way out of this vicious cycle that generally doesn’t lead us anywhere constructive?

Think: Solution!

If you teach yourself to think solution the moment any problem or obstacle arises you shift. Massively! Everything within you shifts — your whole outlook changes toward the positive. So next time something problematic happens in your life, just pause for a second, say to yourself “Think: Solution!” and see what happens. Be careful not to start thinking too hard about a solution because you might end up not resolving it through thinking!

Think: Solution! lightens the load
Think: Solution! takes severity out of the situation
Think: Solution! takes care of the content so you can start focussing on the context later on
Think: Solution! leads to not taking things too personal
Think: Solution! is inclusive — problem thinking is exclusive
Think: Solution! is a habit — you can train yourself
Think: Solution! feels easier once you start doing it.
Think: Solution! is not always “share solution” or “suggest solution” you have to appreciate that most people secretly enjoy their problems as they are part of their identity


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About the Author:

Friedrich is a mentor and coach. He works with individuals and groups as well as companies looking to start new things, grow existing ventures or transition from one focus area to another. His principles are summarized in the StartGrowShift approach. Key to his clients’ success is to learn that integrity is paramount in any undertaking, inner success is always preceding outer success and that real success reaches far beyond the material.

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