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Decided to write an article on brand management just to share what we have gone through over the past year. This isn’t meant to point out ANY mistakes in developing a brand.. “mistakes” are best used as building blocks in the early stages of business development. Learn how to put yourself in this mindset!

One Identity

Early on The Rise Collection represented each digital division with an individual social media accounts on all major platforms. Content is KEY! Stop searching for the “best ways to reach a mass audience” when the answer is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

Each digital division account posted content that was relevant to their specific niche. Flooding social media with content brought great results to our app portfolio, games specifically… After months of posting in this fashion we realized in all honesty it couldn’t be managed consecutively. The decision was made to pull back our social media reach focusing on One Identity = The Rise Collection..

Brand Recognition

Early on we decided to get the ball rolling with branding recognition by utilizing social media consistently. A Rise Studios instagram account was created at the very beginning, we posted content about our mobile games along with other posts about ones we enjoyed personally. Instagram was a key factor in our mobile game — Keep On Truckings, short life on the Top Charts!

Creating a logo you stick with for a long time helps boost brand recognition. The Rise Collection or “Rise” branding has always been represented by a phenix or bird as our logo.

About The Rise Collection

We are a software development company based in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Rise Collection holds three different digital divisions, that all focus on different development niches.

Rise Studios is our game development division, they currently only have a mobile development portfolio but will expand to bigger and better things as we continue on.

Rise Customs is the division that handles contracted web / mobile development and design work. They are responsible for a few “utility” applications found in our mobile application portfolio.

Rise World is our division that handles new business development! We organize projects that are not 100% software focused under this division.. The main point of this one is to have some fun with different ideas!

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Innovating without forgetting to be creative.


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“When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. So create.” | Software Developer | Founder of The Rise Collection.


Innovating without forgetting to be creative.

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