Replace or Remove a String in your Array

Working on a project today, I ran into a solution that would be good to share with IOS Developers. That is using a swift tool .firstIndex(of: String) to find or replace an indexed string in your array. In my case this was used for error handling!

I have an array setup called var testSlice: [String] = [] which is the final form of var items: [String] = []. The items array is holding strings that represent profilePic id’s that get used in a method later on in the class file.

Empty strings "" were in the array as placeholder values, that needed removed before the array passed its data to a UICollectionView .

Here is my solution using .firstIndex(of: String) :

if let index = self.testSlice.firstIndex(of: "") {self.testSlice.remove(at: index)collectionView.reloadData()}

In the first line we are checking for items that contain an empty string at their index and storing it in a variable. The index found then gets passed to the .remove function as an int .. removing it from our testSlice array.

After thats done the collectionView data gets reloaded. Attached is a picture of the UI as an example to show whats possible. I hope this helped, and served its purpose as an easy solution!


Innovating without forgetting to be creative.

Joshua Paulsen

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Published App Developer, Founder of The Rise Collection.


Innovating without forgetting to be creative.

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