Friends are more than just Chit Chat!

[New Feature Launch]

Hello everyone!

‘Exercising regularly’, ‘living a disciplined and healthy life’, ‘saving efficiently’ is everyone’s dream. Also fact is, intervention of friends and family has always helped all perform impossible tasks and even develop strong habits.

Right from going for a run in morning with friends in college, to having a puff after long day of work, to hanging out on weekends, to saving for a trip to Goa. With friends the list includes all: the good, the bad and the ugly!

Keeping this in mind, we have launched ‘Groups Goals’ in RiverApp to enable savings within friends and family.

RiverApp now supports TrueCaller and Facebook login. i.e. you can simply add friends from your Facebook on the River app and set Group Goals with them.

We feel, “Friendship is more than just Chit Chat.”
Because with friends you don’t make habits, you share memories.

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