Table Of Contents: How To Stop Having Political Discussions Like You’re Five Years Old.

This is the table of contents for “How To Stop Having Political Discussions Like A Five Year Old.”, a series of articles on the growing lack of intellectual integrity that is keeping us from having real conversations. These articles can be read in any order that you’d like, but I would start with the introduction before moving on.


You’re Being Stupid and You Need To Stop

An Introduction to a series on intellectual laziness, in which I call you stupid and then make it clear that I don’t think you’re stupid.

Have Some Damn Integrity

One point needs to be clear before we proceed. When you make these mistakes, you are not winning an argument. You are also keeping the adults from having productive conversations.

How To Have a Conversation Like an Adult

We All Lose By Ignoring The Argument

Next to name calling, this is the second most use logical tactic used to “win” an argument. However, you aren’t actually winning the argument, because you are not listening to your opponent’s points. Therefore, their points still stand and you are talking nonsense.

About The Author

Josh Walker is a human being. He loves intellectual discussion, educating people, and helping to bring people together. You can read some more of his thoughts over at The Rizer.

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