Lequid Fuel (oil / gas) fired BOILER

Savemax Boiler is the conventional Three pass smoke-tube design Oil / Gas fired steam boiler having internal water cooled furnace. The superior and features make it the Savemax Boilers ideal choice for process heating requirements of the Boilers Industry today.

Advantages and Benefits:

  1. High Efficiency of 88 % on NCV saves running costs to Oil / Gas Fired Boiler (Savemax).
  2. Huge convective heating surface in the 2 and 3 pass tubes ensures excellent heat transfer
  3. Giant water holding and steam holding space gives quick response to fluctuating steam demands.
  4. Giant heat transfer surface reduces thermal stresses on the boiler surfaces.
  5. Dry steam reduces the processing time, saves steam and improves quality of processed goods
  6. Horizontal packaged boilers — less site work & quick commissioning


Savemax — Oil / Gas Fired Boiler is available in capacities from 1 TPH to 10 TPH

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