all of what is that

all of what is that

Trying to be in it. No one watched them eating. Someone kept on walking by.

Is Jill home? No. She’s out.

There is interest. Meeting people in the park. Parting ways with someone. Reading liner notes. Thinking about him. Thinking about her. Coffee rattling the nerves.

Latin drum beats. Echo in the canyon. Buildings. Lots of buildings. Higher up, it sounds louder.

John hears records. Cats look with answers undiscernible. Robert can. Method. Fending off. Work.

Susan looks at John.

Operating forward thinking. Driving. There’s a car outside. Louder engines than the talking. Everybody is outside. Because it is nice out. When it’s going. There is sitting down a different way.

Often understood at the brink the wrong way. When they made their mind up. Closing sale. All must go sit on the grass. There is terrifying terrible.

Then laughter. Upset the cart. Watching oranges rolling down the green grass hill. Sighing for the moment none can hold.

Karen took his hand.

Then the darkness came making lights look brighter. It was a relief.

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