anything is falling

anything is falling

The definite ring, warm, round, low. Resonate.

Colours round table. The distance between what you want and what you get. The consequence of not using your special powers. Dr Dream taking a sabbatical.

The management of style. The loathing in remembrance. Self abnegation. The turn around.

Sandy files her nails. Chris paints the chair. Jane cleans the carpet. Fred and Wilma go out. Dr Dream follows for the hell of it. Keeping on their tail, but still staring into space, like he promised himself he’d do.

The old fair grounds. The place of ritual spin reverence. Going up is anticipation. Falling down is thrill surrender. Relief, it’s just a simulation. Metaphor building.

Following the inside wave like as if it were outside. Dr Dream is learning something. Why does it always seem like it is misty out, when the sun is shining bright in blue clear skies?

How is it that the sky is plural? There’s a clue in that.

Fred and Wilma having fun. Dr Dream in a blissful state of melancholy. Meanwhile back at the house, everything is going up again.

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