even as they are nigh upon the city

even as tney are nigh upon the city

As things come out. I can say I. There is a place outside. Over top. The steel-eyed cynic with a heart of melancholy. Dark shadows of presumption. Why the chip on your shoulder? Why the defiant manner? Course of logic interrupting intuition. The persistence of suspicion. Erratic mind. The judge with a faulty sense of things.

There are things to say. Interest in a broken cup. There is a distribution of sense.

Belong to whom it may concern. Daisy has a cupcake in her hand. Level teaspoon of care. What the hey! Even laughter likes to go there.

Follow the funnel. Just to speak the words. Even the unconscious says so. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Words are mysterious today.

Going around the distance wind carries leafs. Straight up like a pencil. Telling you they care with flowers and lego. Light the furnace. Barber poles are a quaint custom gone. Brown legs from sitting in the sun. There is something about you.

There is a distribution network. Can he be it. Can he be the one who is it and be happy to be certainly unsure. He is looking at her. She is the heroine. Can he emulate her. They do not spend time enough with the ones they love.

Giving to others makes you happy. He is thinking about it. Then he gets himself all angry for no reason. Fighting fantasy. Battle of the ages against the opposition. The bad guys. Ok for letting it be known. Everything will be alright again.