Given that the penny drops

given that the penny drops

Fortune. Easy bake. Trying new things with old things.

The heat is too much, says Jane. Her hat is on backwards. Germ Free Adolescent on the turntable spinning. Caw Caw Caw, says Jethro. He’s a crow. He can say that 30 different ways. Jane can tell the difference.

Unbelievable. The denseness of the time passing quicker. There is an horizon, but everyone is tripping over it in their head.

Yes Jethro, says Jane. She takes a long drink. Caw caw caw, she says. It’s supposed to be a joke. But Jethro is too cranky in this heat for to accommodate it. He flies off with her hat in his talons.

Jack comes out and says, We are all the ‘J’s left now in this house. Jane looks at him. Then she looks at the fence. Then she looks at the trees. Then she looks at Jack and she takes a drink. She is sitting down on the grass in the backyard. Her hair moves a little in the breeze.

Barb comes outside and looks up into the sky. She says, Clouds. Everyone looks up. There goes Jethro.

Bottleneck. Traffic keeps him late for his date. There are borderlines. There are boundaries. He can cross them when he closes his eyes. He drives better in the dark.

Light squeezes in between the lattice metal wood configuration. It’s the patterns on the inside of his eyelids. Without any of the red. They are as if distances apart because there is shading dark to lighter gray and empty space that someone says is white. But that’s wrong.

Barb hears the doorbell. Jack hears the fire alarm. Jane hears Jethro the crow breathing and the wheels of the car turning. Jethro drops Jane’s hat falls from the sky.

Someone new is here. He is on the doorstep. Out front. They all yell, Come around the back. But they forget that there’s a fence.

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