I am trying it right now

i am trying it right now

There in the atmosphere. A chocolate shake. Jill’s record collection. Family. Music From A Doll’s House. The guy walking by again. The cat in the window watching him. Tail flicking.

Apple pie and ice cream. Irish coffee. Fending off Blue Monday on a Sunday. There was walking out there going on. There was eating in there going on. The dog watched that carefully.

Robert saying something with his mouth full of sweet deliciousness. No one minds and no one understands. There is laughter.

Sloughing off dead skin. In the shower. No hot water. It’s a discipline.

Postures on the rug in the hallway. Waiting for the nothing to dissolve the disappointment. Misspent night. Stuff of legend will recover in a story told much later.

Laziness is next to godliness. He lets her off the hook. She appreciates the gesture, but her habits are much stronger than a saying is.

Going. Staying on the line. The dread she does not trust it like somebody put it there upon her. She is right.

Susan looks at John. He is reading liner notes. It is not his fault. It’s the sugar.

Blake the local diamond put it there. While she was in the toilet at the bar. It’s the usual. Guessing ages. Don’t define without your special magic ring. When it’s rock music, you contextualize the period.

There was once a promise. He reminded her of that. It was not her fault. Fire engine. Red trucks of all kinds. Forward moving things. He was just nostalgic. It was tragic loss again. For her. It was good but not good enough to not think about. Or to not remember very clearly.

No one sat up straight. The clouds were full of dreaming. Warding off the night. Some preferred to have a nap.

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