Instinct isn’t over it right now

instinct isn’t over it right now

Ever song. The wounded tree. Part of it. In the dust. The craven image. The hounds of Baskerville. The devilish make care. The word of love. The song in your heart. The sifting sense of anything in light.

The craving for it. The dust on the jacket. Everywhere is leaking. There are places you can be. She has been to most of them. If you’re in the river then you’re going with the current.

Brace yourself. For an adventure. If the song is singing it right. Don’t overwrite the rhythm. It is giving it to you. It is how you will discover it. Not by forcing it. But that too has it’s place. Over there. Sometime long ago.

When you opened up the door, you didn’t know what you were doing. There was part of you that did. All of it ran through you. That, it knew, is your saving grace.

When the story got into you without any pushing from your tin, you were in.

It all seems so easy once it is too late.

Only your self loathing can defeat you at this point. I have always found a strength in it, said Time. On his hands. Letters written. It is an unfolding. There’s a trick to it, but you must forget it, for it to work.

Your own dissolution is your time on your hands. Saving you. Again. Pity that you will forget. It is all in the feeling. Feelings come and go. What a job it is to remember. Caldwell is the right one for the job. She is 39.

Outside is your inside once again. There’s a peace in it. That’s one way of knowing. Tomorrow is today again. On the beam. Holding to the line. There’s storm. Just in case you haven’t noticed. It is not the not without it all.

Shh, don’t listen to that scientist. Listen to this one. He has got a vacuum cleaner in his pocket.

She is evidently. Managing accounts. Like your metaphor. Going for the gusto with tomato sauce. She was cooking something. He was cooking something. She was in the sky again. She was looking over there.

Everything they said about him was for her to hear. They were talking to her. He was over here looking at them. She was trying on some shoes. They were wanting her attention. She was wanting his attention. He was giving it to her. It was Saturday and the moon was there. Someone was a witness and it felt like waves and particles again. Somewhere there’s a narrative with fences.

They are back. Cooking up a storm. Everyone is busy now with someone else. Everybody wants to rule the world.

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