it was feeling upside down

it was feeling upside down

Geoff was the cat. He was looking out the window at someone named Cynthia. The cat flicked his tail.

That means he is thinking, Susan said. Jim picked up the guitar and laughed. Someone played a record. There’s a beer in the fridge.

Someone put the water on to boil. They were eating pasta. Bread dipped in tomato sauce. It was all they ever asked for. Chocolate and dark chocolate. And they didn’t like to drink milk. Even though it’s good to have with donuts or chocolate chip cookies. It was not a Saturday. Jim was lying down.

When you say that something happened. Someone says they did it. That was Bob’s philosophy. Jeff thought about Yoko. His girl had a flower. He could pick a lock with his credit card. Once he did that for me, I knew my lights were safe. I rode in the train. It was better with the music on. Someone lit a cigarette and we all said, fuckoff, man. That was really funny.

They were dancing on the floor like they were forklift trucks. Karen didn’t like it. Bob didn’t like it, either. But Susan went onto the dance floor. Bob thought it funny that they never did hook up. But why the hell should they?

There was a magic dragon tattooed on his arm. He was quite the wizard. He was in there with the witch. They were floating on the ceiling looking down at the carpet. Geoff the cat was looking up at them. No one else in the room ever noticed them. The windows needed cleaning.

Now I found a way to say something, I’m going to wait until you say it too. Let somebody else get rich off it, I always say. That’s why I am wearing my superhero costume.

Nice costume, Sandy said. The level of discharge from the diesel truck made everybody cough. The rug was misshapen. It was easy for the wizard to see. The witch looked at Susan’s shoes. Those are nice dance shoes, she said. Cynthia walked in without knocking and put her things on the coffee table.

Milton couldn’t comprehend the meaning of his hamburger. So Bradley drank another beer and had a whiskey with it too. Susan started making out with Jim in the middle of the room. Everyone pretended that they didn’t notice and they didn’t care. Bob was really jealous. That’s when Mary walked in and told everybody off. Nobody is always likable.

Milton said, we should start a brewery, and Bradley laughed because he was going to drink everything. Milton laughed too because he was going to drink everything too. Someone knocked the lampshade off. It was brighter in the room. It was time to play a game. Everyone stood up. Then Karen’s younger brother said be quiet. That made everybody laugh.

She was smarter and more powerful than the wizard until she thought she was. No one needs to have the upper hand, said Bob. He was always saying things. Karen’s younger brother looked up at the ceiling and he fell in love with the witch. There was dust in the candy dish.