snow day

snow day

Brilliant city night and day light landscape shining radiant and clear. Luminous egg. No chroma. Flight path landing. Go out and get some air on ya. Take me to the gallery. Wait until you see the whites of their eyes.

Gracious cold sparkle blanket of the sleeping dead on watch for us. Our soul warrior ancestors. Fight with, not for, our lives. The sky is shedding suppositions and has opened up Vahalla. Freyja’s feathered coat sheds down on her admirers. It’s her day today, thank goddess.

We play at cats looking out our window. Movement in amongst the falling stars. Layers intersect the gridlines downtown city life. The neon is competing for attention. Shades in the white out. Darkness punctuation. Bold black ink samurai spirit strokes on zen canvas super flat. Reflections. Nature’s ownership of all the atmosphere.

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