some way or another

some way or another

Everyone is making it be only for the moment when your parents come downstairs to see what’s going on. There are superheros in this situation comedy. That means character is totally beside the point. There are signs big and shiny, to make sure you know when you should laugh. It’s like knowing what to say in response to the priest in the room when they perform the ceremony. Don’t worry about syntax, no one hears it anyway.

They were eating their spaghetti without napkins. They were painting with tomato sauce. They were picking up the vibe. Jane was picking up the plates and then letting them drop onto the floor. Someone added bubble wrap. It’s a party without symbols. Water glass percussion and also tone generators. Sue and Jim are laughing. Bob is pretending to be serious. That makes it even funnier.

Kathy takes a picture, and John as usual is writing it all down. Why do you want to see the same damn thing over and over? That is a rhetorical question. Do you eat fish on Friday? That’s a trick question. Is there anything that I can do for you? That’s a barrier to my creative flow.

Knowing when it doesn’t really matter is the moment you are free. Now go get the groceries.

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