something meaning it

something meaning it

Following it. There are temperatures. There are keys that bring it on. There are thoughts that open it. Like a tap for water or a switch for electricity. Sounds good. Lately, the feeling is remember how I’m waiting over here?

Darkness was a suit. Even Jillian was skipping rope. There was too much heat for movement. That is why John likes jackets. He is walking like he always does, but a little slower. Today is the first day before the next day is a thought you are avoiding.

Even pie is cooling slower. Despite ice cream. Jane says, it’s hot. It’s too hot to even say that’s obvious to her. Shadows wait. There are situations. Best to stay inside sometimes. When you are relaxed, everything’s ok more often.

Calvin says he’s tired of his reaching for a something and it not being what he wanted it to be. Carole says that’s because you’re reaching for a thing, and Jody hits her playfully, because she wasn’t suppose to tell. Carole complains, but that’s modernism isn’t it?

Jody says, modernism is what is modernism and disagree always. Gertrude laughs her head off at that one. Calvin sits down with a lemonade and just hopes for the best.

Right now it’s pretending it’s behind us. There are sounds in the water. Given everybody’s taken too much on, you’d think that it was Spring, not Summer.

Someone up in the tower is out of control. Who knows who that is, says Tim with his arms crossed, meaning he knows, and you know, and everybody knows that it’s a drag. Denise imitates him as she floats by on her skateboard. Not that he’s wrong, she just thinks he thinks about that shit too much.

Missy knows where it’s at. She has popsicles. Trevor has beer. Missy says, don’t fall asleep in the sun. Trevor looks at her and puts his headphones on.

That’s when the spaceship came out of the ocean.

There are dogs barking in the parking lot. There are cats listening to music in the key of D. Everybody wants to watch something and the water breaks glistens drops sunlight across the surface. Someone’s surfing over top of the spaceship, just before it launches off into the supposed sky. Blue.

There’s a rabbit on the beach. Distance lingers and the time is ticking. They are there away.

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