space a place holder

space a place holder

Is there a space for me to be in. 
There is a space for me to be in.

There is nothing to be inside. 
There is nothing but inside everywhere.

Here. It is written.
There is something in the something.

There are two that make three that makes you feel the one. 
The one becomes three through the two.

There are many separations and they’re working overtime. 
Even the lamp in the corner is flickering.

He picked up the letter lying there and read it. 
It was from a company.

Whoever gets a letter from a friend these days? 
Whoever even gets an email that is longer than a few lines? 
It is small text sayings that we say and get. 
There is no depth left in our world between us in exchanges. 
We are only plumping our own depths in silence, fearing that we talk too much inside our heads.

They said 3 words could go deeper than 3 paragraphs. 
I agreed. But it didn’t happen.

The heart lingers a bit longer. 
Each word presence stamp.

Which is better? Which is more comfortable? 
There are goods and bads. When there is hunger.

The difficulty is a standard stamp.
Cross-hairs for reference.
Everything you give you iron between pieces of wax paper.

Even the difference. 
Hair belongs to you to start with.

I am going over there.

If you see me send for me and watch me wave back at you.

There is a little book.

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