The distant ring of right in front of you

the distant ring of right in front of you

Does it need to be auto? Driven. When the going is going without pushing. When the horizon has receded.

Clouds covering the blood moon earth shadow show. Whispers in the night and whispers in the day are different.

You can see it. Go ahead—just because somebody told you that you shouldn’t, isn’t reason to be putting covers on your windshield window. Well it is, but it isn’t necessarily your reason.

Meeting everybody else’s reason can be useful when you need an introduction. But the knowing comes from your experiments, spontaneous and thought out on the fly.

Ever then from there abandoning the course that’s yours for the thrill of the course you do not know.

The knowing is in the thrills. Jumping off of things into unknown depths. It’s embracing the unknowing that is keeping you from hitting hard ground go splat.

It’s not so much auto, as it is river water running.

Let your hand move itself, if you can. Then, for fun, watch your self move by itself, too. If you can.

She has a way of looking at you that makes you fall into a story well.

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