The sense of you is being sensed

the sense of you is being sensed

In the atmosphere. You are in the atmosphere. You are being now the atmosphere. You are being now the way that makes the atmosphere.

They are coming into it. They are being in around you in it being seeing you as it. When they’re in it, they are seeing you as being it. You are making them be seeing you the way that you are making it be there. They are being telling themselves stories about who and what you are in your atmosphere.

When your atmosphere is going out without you. You are less important. This could be at any time thought about as being good. Having atmosphere be going out without you. Building then the sense of you without you being there. Can be making you be staying in some place. This could be something being wanted or not wanted. Your being atmosphere being going on without you.

Being somewhere you are not and conveying you can be doing you a service. When you’re placing it. When you send it on a mission. Then you’ve got it going on.

Being less important is important when it is amongst the ones who see that as important.

Anybody wants to be more some way different from how the way the stream of everything is seeming to be going. And not going maybe how it could be better to be going differently instead.

Anybody wants to be being not among the ones who are going and not knowing how they’re going. When you hear that how the way they’re going isn’t good.

Is there any chance of anything? Yes. That is why it carries on. It is. Certainly it does carry on.

When there isn’t any chance and it doesn’t see a way to carry on, then it doesn’t. This can be a way to be. This can be a way to be. Not be that way. Or it can be a way to be. Not be any way at all. Or be not be, anyway.

There are things between us now. It is now because I have an atmosphere that’s going out there on its own.

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