the watched pot boiled

Everybody went back into the pool. Jim was sitting on a big boulder playing his guitar. He is the greatest that you’ve never heard. He’s not here for anybody, any more than anybody else is here for someone other than themselves, with their greatness at whatever, being one with everything.

There is no today that you can trap within this silver light.

Lucy is here and Jim stops playing his guitar. He remembers. Kathy watches heads turn. Bob is talking to her but she’s not listening to him, she is hearing the attention Lucy’s getting. Not like it is meaning all that much to her, but she’s learning once again a lesson. It is not a lesson that is telling her the whole truth. But it resonates with her as though it is. A profound truth.

That’s her business. It’s her movie she is starring in.

Sugar’s here. Annabelle is sassy.

Lucy finds it all very hard to live up to. Like a famous person, there are expectations on her. Expectations can entrap a person.

Everybody is supposed to be the way Stewart sees it in his mind. Otherwise they’re out. Where will they go?

Stewart is the judge in the gang. That’s his burden and his contribution.

Stewart and Stuart do not like each other.

Johnny thinks it’s interesting that there’s a Stewart and a Stuart in their gang. They’re so different.

Sometimes Stuart has got it out for Stewart. He thinks Stewart is a little strange. Sometimes Stewart has got it out for Stuart. He thinks Stuart has got it out for him and how dare he.

Stewart and Stuart both like Lucy, but in different ways. They both like in the same way. More or less.

Karen is Stuart’s girlfriend. Stewart would like Karen to be his girlfriend. Karen would not like to be Stewart’s girlfriend. Stewart feels guilty for liking Karen, but he can’t help himself.

Karen thinks talking about contribution is a little weird. Johnny agrees with her. They harbor secret likings for each other. Not that they have or would do anything about that. Johnny hopes that he is not her fool. He makes sure to pay attention to attention Lucy pays to him.

Everybody’s jealous.

For the most part, Johnny only wants to walk. Karen likes to walk, but she also likes to spoon with Stuart.

Karen likes to talk with Stuart about comic books. Not the superhero kind. She draws comic books, and Stuart likes to look at them. He writes comic books, and she likes to read them. They have not yet done a book together, but they will. Not the superhero kind. They are both a little snobbish in that way.

Crispen likes to read a superhero comic every now and then. When he was a kid he loved reading them and wished that either he could write them or draw them or do both. He wished that he could be a superhero. If he had that kind of power, would he be good? All the time? Would he be responsible?

Crispen likes Johnny, but Johnny doesn’t play on his team.

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