They are moving around

they are moving around

When I say you, you say you. Though the light is a bit too much shining in your eyes directly like that. Trust it through the process. Get out of your own way.

Jay is whistling. On the couch, everyone is sitting with their knees pressed together. Wednesday means it’s Mercury. There is time on everybody’s hands.

Open up the book and pretend that it was written by a being that did not need to write it. That’s the place that Carole wants to be in. Better than the rain on Tuesday when it’s Christmas. Or so they tell me.

Kevin knocks on the door. Michael answers it. He’s surprised. My god, he says, I thought you died in the fire. Kevin blows a smoke ring made of glass. It hovers, then it shatters on the floor. There are many colours Michael never saw before.

Kim said, how then do you know that they were colours? John says, because Jesus told him so. What about the water, Linda asked? Max said, Jesus Cortez. Alvaro said, Kevin always was a ham.

Michael grinned at the thought of the trouble they were in. Like with candy in grade five.

Jesus Cortez said, that colour doesn’t have a name but it’s related to the shade between lapis and the shadow of red stone. He says, I caught it leaning up against the blade of grass pushing through the concrete. Max says, drumsticks. He sweeps the glass with a palm leaf. Anna takes Kevin’s right hand and does a pirouette. She dances him inside. She is a magician. He is a pan dimensional being. He says, Michael, I escaped the fire through the swimming pool. Thank Christ, says Michael, I brought cake. Are there any raspberries, asks Kevin.

Jesus Cortez takes a rabbit out of his hat. Everybody laughs and they all are drinking cold white wine. Except Jeremy. He likes bitters when he plays the piano.

It is all going out the window in a moment.

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