When your something wasn’t

when your something wasn’t

Settled. Unsettled. The stomach is the magic wand. Wanting is a lack. Folding in the unfolding freedom dreams of going without wrecking anything or anybody in its river course flowing. Being like the smooth and solid rock, slowly it’s eroding but it’s calm about it. The marks on what we think is its surface sing a story in a key always yet to be discovered. Go ahead. It’s your day today as well.

Jerry picks up his guitar. Jim is listening for pulse. There are waves. One of them held Brian under. Reclaiming him. He had never realised before that the sea has a memory and a will it undertakes. Jennifer had written him about it, but he didn’t pay attention. He was overwhelmed by the beauty of her cursive script. Then, with sea salt briny life-beginning-power and its soft destruction in his nose in his mouth reaching for his lungs until his body with its own will rode the surface break, and the air restored him to resolve to read much closer in the future. That was all back then, before he opened up his secrete cafe on a hidden beach.

There are no recipes today on the table. Only vegetables with dirt still stuck to them. Gorgeous earthy smells. Reminds you of the cool the shade provides when the UV is too high. Water surface mirror glisten light. Below the mystery resides. Like in your heart.

There were lights in the sky. Carol and her man David and their team saw to that. There was darkness as a frame. Smoke revealed the spaces in between where from clouds were born. Brian’s daughter Mitzi knew that lesson from her playing with the flotsam and the jetsam washing up on shore. She said to her mom, Xena, we should have a concert here. Xena said yes, maybe we’ll invite Magenta.

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