Unemployed to ….

So, I started attending placement drives in our college. Placement drive is an event where a recruiting company that has a tie up with an educational institution comes to the campus and tests the eligible students based on their requirements and selects the students who pass to have either a job in the company or more commonly, make them interns. This usually happens around the end of the course, usually in the last two/three semesters.

This is a very crucial part in a student’s professional career. All those students’ who rarely attended regular classes or those who rarely/never appeared “well groomed” start attending the drives and dressing “professionally” (Whatever that means!). Students do everything they can to say “Choose me. I am a good addition to your company and I will create a lot of value to the company.”

The thing is, it is okay as long there is truth in this. At some point down the line, it becomes less of showcasing your talents to make the company believe in you enough to hire you, and more of tricking the company into believing you are a good addition. This is a loss of truth. I don’t like that. This is not good for the company. And not just that, it is not good for the students either. The truth, that you hardly ever put in hours into reading, studying and learning in the college days, is bound to pop out, someday. That day, you will be thrown out. (Turns out, there can be worse things that could happen than being thrown out.)

This article is my account of the various placements that I attend. I will include excerpts from my Journal.


Before the interview/exam. That is the Chennai-Bangalore Highway.

Okay. Drive starts at 8:15 am. Left home at 7:45 a.m, called a cab. Oops! Reached the wrong place. The venue was 14 km farther. Then, a gentleman, also going to the same place for the same drive, arrives there. Agreed to give me a ride on his bike if I held his file. Reached the venue at 08:40. As soon as we enter the campus, we see a swarm/boatload of people. The annual salary that the company provides is Rs. 2.16 lakhs. That’s 18,000 per month, for that meagre salary, I did not think so many people would be interested. But, I guess they were there for the same reason I was there. To have it as a backup. Another thing I observed was people swarming up near printing/photocopying centres. I didn’t have my resumé. I was one of the people crowding the photocopy shop that was just a meter wide. Okay. All this is done. We were made to sit in a hall as a group of 150 students were sent to the computer lab to write the exam. I was in the second batch that went in. Looking at the people, there was sure to be two more batches. Wrote the exam. It was a joke. I deliberately wrote it badly. Then, I left without waiting for the result. Took a bus. Reached home at 13:20

Waiting for the bus back to home.
From the window in the bus.
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