The hoarder and the nomad

May was a month of losing things.

I lost 2 MacBook Pros, my favourite orange bag pack, and my room. While relocating and attempting to pack my worldly possessions, I voluntarily threw away more stuff.

But some objects, are worth bringing along.

It came as a reminder of my nomadic lifestyle. I play catch with my mailing addresses and telephone numbers. Ironically, I am also a hoarder. I love collecting prints and more recently, kitchenware and I don’t want to let any of these babies go. There is always a battle going on between my nomadic and hoarding habits. Should I keep this or throw them away?

Thus, I am going to document a series of objects that I own. Through that, I hope to capture and rethink the value derived, and to also to say my overdue goodbyes.

Hopefully I can finally reconcile my inner demons.