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Become a writer on The Sequence — Grammar, design, & formatting tips, what to submit, and what to skip

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The Sequence is a newly established publication and we are looking for eager, passionate contributors.

This guide will give you all the possible steps you can take to ensure your article is a great fit for The Sequence.

We’ll cover grammar, formatting, what topics we’re looking for, and some frequently asked questions. Let’s begin.

What we publish

The Sequence is a community of people who help each other and share knowledge. We publish unique, high-quality articles that focus on creativity, technology, innovation, art, design and everything in between. We’re looking for original content that helps writers reflect and explore these subjects. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Essays exploring the relationsip between tecnology and society.
  • Unique or creative techs, designs and creative tips, tools, and methods. Standard advice, like create something daily or break the rules, is rejected.
  • Advice on developing creative technologies.
  • In-depth explanations of different technologies formats and creative styles.
  • Unique styles and creative guides. Standard advice isn’t exciting, but advice on utilizing inclusive methods is.
  • First-person accounts of getting a your creative voice out there.
  • Interviews with experienced technology innovators, artists, designers and entrepeneurs.
  • Other creative pieces in which an audience of fellow thinkers can learn something new.

Submission rules

Stories published by The Sequence are owned by the author. Writers may remove stories from our publication at their discretion. However, writers who habitually remove stories from our publication without notice will lose the ability to submit.

By submitting to The Sequence, you are agreeing to comply with ALL of our rules and requirements.

Writers whose submissions are repeatedly rejected for violating our rules may lose the ability to submit to The Sequence.

Rule 1: Medium’s rules

Submissions must comply with Medium’s Rules, Ad-Free Policy, Content Guidelines, and Curation Guidelines. Stories violating Medium’s rules will be reported.

Rule 2: Distribution

Submissions must be unpublished and locked. This ensures stories are published to gain the most exposure possible. Submissions must be original and unpublished anywhere previously. Stories may be republished to your personal blog, LinkedIn, or another publication outside of Medium only after being published by The Sequence. Stories published by accident may not be deleted and resubmitted. These are a violation of Medium’s rules on duplicate content.

Additionally, we require locked content. Placing stories behind Medium’s paywall ensures it is reviewed by Medium’s curators for broader distribution. Locked stories also bring the potential for writers to receive compensation through Medium’s Partner Program.

Rule 3: Non-fiction

Submissions must be non-fiction. We do not publish fiction or poetry.

Rule 4: Family-friendly

Submissions must be family-friendly. We reserve the right to reject content deemed offensive or inappropriate for our wide audience.

Rule 5: Content

Submissions must be unique, well organized, and of high quality. Submissions that are derivative, too abstract, unclear, meander, have an indeterminate purpose or take-away, are clickbaity, or do not focus on creativity or writing are rejected. Personal takes and opinions are welcome, but diary-like blog posts are not.

Additionally, submissions should focus on content for all readers, anything solely focused on Medium is rejected. We want to help all people improve their craft, life and increase knowledge, not just on Medium, but everywhere they create and publish.

Consider Medium’s tips on providing concise, actionable, and targeted advice.

Rule 6: Spam

Submissions must not be spammy. We do not publish stories whose sole intent is to sell or promote a book, blog, service, tool, or anything we deem to be a product. Honest product reviews that help our community make informed decisions are acceptable. However, ads or press releases are not.

Writers may promote their book, blog, service, tool, or other product with a short text link at the bottom of the story.

Stories may contain a maximum of two links using Medium’s embedded links (see the example of an embedded link at the bottom of this rule). Inline links related to the story’s content are acceptable. However, an overabundance of self-promotional links or anything that feels “spammy” is not.

Tagging other Medium members is only acceptable when the content is relevant. Stories overusing tags are rejected.

Additionally, all affiliate links must be clearly disclosed according to our Style Guide.

Stories using a link shortening service like to obfuscate links are rejected.

Rule 7: CTA

Submissions must be free of most calls to action (CTA). A call to action is something requesting the reader do something. Any request should be reasonable, short, and not capture user information directly within the story. A single text link inviting newsletter subscriptions is acceptable while embedding a sign-up form is not.

Any submissions requesting claps, slowly reading through to the end, or asking for payment of any kind (including linking to Venmo, Square Cash, etc.) are rejected. Additionally, keep social media follow requests to a minimum.

All calls to action must adhere to the section of our Style Guide outlining acceptable CTA formatting.

Rule 8: Publication

Submission must be ready to publish. Stories must be written in fluent English, well organized, and free of spelling, grammatical, and language issues. Writers are expected to fully edit and vet all pieces before submitting them for publication. Submissions not following our Style Guide, with improperly written paragraphs, and overusing one- or two-sentence paragraphs are rejected.

Additionally, stories should be appropriately formatted following our Style Guide, contain unique and properly cited images, and have catchy and descriptive titles.

Style Guide

Submissions must follow our Style Guide in its entirety. This ensures readers encounter a consistent experience while reading stories throughout our publication.

Titles and subtitles

Submissions must have a clear and descriptive title and subtitle at the very top of the story. The title and subtitle should be the first thing a user sees when viewing a story.

Titles must be written in title case using U.S. English. Subtitles must be written in sentence case without trailing punctuation unless the subtitle is two or more sentences long. Use this tool to properly format using title and sentence case.

Quotes in titles should use single quotes (‘ and ’).

Submissions should use Medium’s built-in title and subtitle formatting. Adding a kicker is permissible only in official series or columns managed The Sequence.

Submissions with a link in the title or subtitle, written in all capital letters, or containing profanity of any kind are rejected.


  • Acceptable Title: How to Create Content That Sell: A Beginner’s Guide to Freelancing
  • Unacceptable Title: This is how to “create” your best work.
  • Acceptable Subtitle: Everything you need to create content people want to buy
  • Unacceptable Subtitle: This is the best article you’ll read today!

Note: Changing a title or subtitle in the content of an article does not ensure it updates the SEO title and description. Be sure to update in both places. This article helps clarify Medium’s SEO options and settings.


All submissions must include a unique featured image right BELOW the title and subtitle. This image, and all additional images, must use Medium’s “inline” image format (the default option when importing) or the “left-aligned” format. Submissions using the full-screen image option are rejected. Full-screen images make content difficult to read on desktop browsers. All images, regardless of selection, are set to full-screen for mobile viewing. Further, stories containing an overabundance of images are rejected. Images should enhance the story, not distract from it.

Proper featured image format. | Screenshot by the author.

All images used must be something the author has a legal right to publish. Medium is partnered with Unsplash to easily add images with proper citation to every submission.

All images must have a caption clearly citing the source and usage rights, even if it is a photo taken or created by the author. This citation should read “Photo: Photographer/Source/Usage Rights” with a link to the usage license, i.e. “Photo: Jonh Foster/Flickr/CC BY-SA 4.0”. When an image is provided by the author or permission has been granted individually, the citation should read “Photo Courtesy of Person Who Provided Image”. When none of the above apply, “Source: Studio or Provider” may be used ONLY if the image falls under fair use.

Submissions containing images with unclear or improperly cited credits are rejected. We reserve the right to remove questionable images from otherwise acceptable submissions.

Section headings

When possible, submissions should be split into well-organized sections using correctly formatted section headings.

Section headings should be written in sentence case without trailing punctuation. Section headings should not be more than one sentence long. Use this tool to properly format using sentence case.

Section headings should use Medium’s largest title option. This is available using a keyboard shortcut (⌘ + Alt + 1 / Ctrl + Alt + 1) or by highlighting the text and selecting the larger “T” icon.

The only exception is when section headings denote questions in an interview, as in the Write Now series. In this case, the smaller title option should be used, and the sentence case heading should end in a question mark.

Submissions with improperly formatted section headings will be rejected.

Proper usage of section heading formatting. | Screenshot by the author.

Text formatting

Utilize Medium’s tools for formatting text.

When importing a story from another source, ensure the formatting is correct before submitting it for publication.

Drop caps are not permissible.

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A publication sharing concepts, ideas, knowledge, and experiences in life and creative activities. A place to talk about Technology, Design, Art, Creative Process, Gaming and Contemporary Life.

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The Sequence

The Sequence

A Medium publication sharing concepts, ideas, knowledge, and experiences in life and creative activities.

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