I Quit My Cubicle

After I got my B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Morgan State University, I did what everyone else did. I got a job working for a top defense contractor. I sat in a cubicle everyday, and I mapped out my plan for advancement inside the company. I relegated my future to the corporate ladder and set my sights on becoming the best employee I could be, so I could make as much money as I could.

Of course I had an exit strategy. Much like all the other engineers I knew at the time (circa 2006), I planned to start an engineering consulting company. I called it my 5 year $100,000 plan. I was going to work as hard as I could to get that $100,000 salary and whatever job title accompanied that. That plan however would never come to fruition.

Instead of building a consulting firm in the comfort of my 9 to 5 job, I quit! Why? Why would I quit when I had the plan all mapped out? Believe me, it wasn’t my first choice, but there was something inside me that was so unsettled at sitting in a cubicle that it would rather jump off the boat into the ocean and risk drowning than remain chained, anchored to a desk working for a salary.

It took me years to realize that it was my purpose calling out to me from the inside. That day I sat in my cubicle and did not speak to another living soul was the day that I quit my cubicle.

At the time I didn’t know having a job that contradicted my purpose would be so excruciating to my soul. Like many people, I never gave much thought to loving what my work. It seemed normal to dislike my job, after all, everyone else was complaining about their job right? The conversation about salary and advancement was at the forefront for almost everyone I knew.

Hind-sight has been my friend processing this. I now know my purpose knew better. It caused me to be uncomfortable, restless even regardless of the duties I was performing, or the location I worked from. Nothing fit. Nothing about this job, this cubicle felt right whether I was willing to admit it or not.

One day enough was enough and I had to walk away (with proper notice of course). That day my purpose was so loud I could no longer ignore it.

Since then, I have started three companies, and helped countless entrepreneurs brand their big ideas to make them viable businesses. My hope is to share as much of my knowledge and story as possible with the world to help just one more person recognize the voice of their purpose, and to help entrepreneurs build businesses based on that purpose.

None of this is to say that my journey from the cubicle to the middle of the ocean has been a simple one. It is only to acknowledge that it is possible to take the impossible step. To jump off the side of comfort and reliability into the deep of purpose and see what comes of it. I understand that my journey is unique and so is yours. My sincere desire is to help people identify, create, build, and live lives they love everyday.