Findings from observation

My brother and I, holding daughters.

I’ve been observing toddlers not only as a father of a daughter but also as a friend of toddlers’ parents. Every Sunday, I have a weekly meeting with other parents. I spend about 2–3 hours with them, and of course they are with their child. I wrote down 6 findings from myself and my friends.

5 Findings from observation

  1. It isn’t easy to feed them with the foods that parents picked. Toddlers have their own preference. So it can be hard to make balance in nutrition with the perspective of their parents.
  2. Toddlers don’t know how to spit sputum until some point. My daughter is 21 months and she still doesn’t know how to do it. It makes difficult for them when they have a chest cold since they feel frustrated when there are sputum left in their neck or chest.
  3. Toddlers keep moving. They have full of energy and they use them by keep moving. So parents should follow where they go in case any accident occurs.
  4. Toddlers want to be carried(held or embraced) by their parents constantly. The reason can be getting affection or getting tired of walking.
  5. It is difficult to see stroller in bus or subway especially when there is no elevator system


I found that the findings I described is not new but those became more meaningful to me. Those are difficulties or daily life many parents and I felt but I didn’t think about tackling the problem and enhance life. Now, I see there are things that can be improved in many ways.