Hypothesis Testing 01_User interview

To recap, here is my hypothesis to test and the prototype to validate the hypothesis.


I believe that if parents have an easy way to measure balance in nutrition, it will help parents feel more relieved with health issues for their baby.


And here are key questions:

  • Do parents care about nutrition information in recipes?
  • Is this idea useful to parents?

Step 1. Recruiting Users

To implement this, I recruited mothers who have one or more children(2 to 7 year old). Here is a profile for each mother.

Step 2. User Interview and result

The first question was a very basic one:

Question 1. Do you consider nutrition balance when making food for your children?

5 mothers said yes and two said no.

At first, it seemed very unusual to me that there are mothers who don’t care about nutrition balance. So I asked why they said no.

“My daughter doesn’t eat well. I am just thankful if she eats anything.” — Hyunkyung

“I am too busy to consider the balance. But I feel guilty a lot.” — Jiyoon

It was totally understandable when I heard their situation.

Question 2. Do you read recipes?

3 out of 7 mothers said no.

The prototype I am testing is a recipe. Originally, I wanted to see if the new recipe design would work. It is important for me to test those mothers who really use recipes in their daily life. So I went further with only those 4 mothers who said yes to this question.

Question 3. Do you measure nutrition information when reading recipes?

3 out of 4 said yes.

The person who said no to this question said no because:

“I don’t have time to check nutrition information one by one.”- Jiyoon

Question 4. Did you find prototype B to be useful?

Everyone said yes to this question.

So I asked question 5 to make sure if the new design was beneficial in their daily life.

Question 5. Will you use this when you make food?

3 said yes and 1 said no.

When showing the new features to people, most of them said it looks beneficial. But then I got different answers when I asked if they are actually going to use it. It is more effective to ask if the product is valuable to use in real life. I found some interesting comments from mothers who said yes to this question.

“My daughter has disease and I have to consider nutrition every time. This will help me get better food ideas.” — Jinny

“I won’t feel guilty anymore.” -Jiyoon

This meant that there is a user who is getting substantial benefit from this new design. For Jinny, this prototype could help her daughter get better with her health.


The type B(improved Prototype) is helpful to parents for the following reasons.

  • Feeling less guilty.
  • Reducing the work of measuring nutrition.
  • Giving ideas for choosing food.

And this validates the hypothesis I brought at the beginning.

If parents have an easy way to measure balance in nutrition, it will help parents feel more relieved with health issues for their baby.

(Updated 18 Feb 2017)