Image Cluster and Critique

Currently, my thesis is at a starting point. I am using various research methodologies to explore my topic. This time, I used image clustering and peer critique on the images above. Throughout this process, I developed my idea and broadened my perspective on the topic.

Research Methodology

First of all, I collected images that are helpful for brainstorming for my two approaches, community building and product design. This is image clustering. I showed this to one of my classmates Min (whose thesis topic is about lifelong journals by the way) and received feedback based on her perspective.


  • Without my explanation on the images I chose, she thought my idea was about product design since there are many toddler related product images.
  • After listening to my explanation, she told me that she couldn’t think about recommendation services. It will be helpful to see how Buzzfeed-like companies give out recommendations.
  • Since there are many images of toddler related foods, she suggested that I design this service in conjunction with my previous project nyam, a recipe app exclusively for babies. What if the app had a nutrition tracking system as well as proper food recommendations each day? Also, it could be developed to supply actual foods so that those parents could buy them. If this sounds good, personalized diet apps or recipe apps that have already been launched on the market will be good to look at for reference.
  • For community building, it would be good to look at Facebook groups or mother’s community websites and see how they are sharing information and knowledge.
  • Data analysis and visualization can be helpful but if this is not actively read by parents, it will not be that effective.
Min’s feedbacks

Just like in the game of chess, one can get a better understanding of the game when watching as compared to playing. This is because the person can see the situation more objectively when just observing. But when you play it, since you have a strong desire to win, you miss many moves that you need to take. I think this exercise was similar to that. Even though I didn’t decide which direction to go, Min’s feedback on my project will be definitely helpful in the long run.

(Updated 1 Feb 2017)