The Alt-Right and Their Asian Fetish

This op-ed inception was originally performed at the February 2018 edition of The Skewer, a live monthly show that satirizes the state of the world and the garbage pile we consider news nowadays. If you haven’t been, you should check it out. They’re at Cafe Mustache every first Wednesday of the month!

You can listen to the performance here or read the transcript (with links and gifs!) below.

Women’s rights and feminism have really come a long way in the past year, what with the Women’s March and the #MeToo / #NoMore movements. We’re decrying dumb corporate concepts like Doritos for Her and celebrities are more outspoken about tearing down creeps like Harvey Weinstein.

But I’m not here to talk about feminism. No, right now I want to shine the spotlight on two groups who are often left out, or in some cases, shut out, of the conversation: The Alt-Right and obedient Asian women.


In January, two op-eds were published, one in the New York Times and one in VICE, both written by Asian women about White Supremacists and their Asian fetishes.

In the New York Times piece, “The Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish,” writer Audrea Lim reveals the dirty little secret that our friendly white nationalists actually have a preference for Asian women.

Richard Spencer, who was famously punched for being a Nazi, has a history of dating Asian women prior to his coming out as a white nationalist. When confronted, Spencer owned up to his past activities saying, “There is something about the Asian girls. They are cute. They are smart. They have a kind of thing going on.”

But the buck doesn’t stop with Spencer. Founder of the neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin, posted a video of himself cruising around a mall in the Philippines with his “jailbait Filipina girlfriend.” Meanwhile, right-wing agitator Mike Cernovich, the writer John Derbyshire and an alt-right figure named Kyle Chapman are all married to women of Asian descent.

Clearly, the message these men are all sending is that “White is Right, but hooking up with a nice Asian chick is also a rite… of passage.”

In the VICE piece “What’s the Deal with Men’s Rights Activists and Asian Fetishes?”, Indonesian journalist Alia Marsha interviews David Bond, a digital nomad who’s made a career of traveling across Asia and doling out advice to men who can’t get laid. The secret? Get the hell out of the west and go to Asia, where women aren’t indoctrinated into that feminist bullshit and still have respect for men like him.

He gained tons of fans across the world and on the infamous subreddit, The Red Pill.


Of course, I had to visit The Red Pill to see things for myself. If you’re not familiar with The Red Pill, its purpose is the “Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.” It’s very pro-men, a very safe space for men who hate women, so if you feel threatened at all by the wave of feminism and intersectionality discussions that are now en vogue… The Red Pill might be for you…

Anyway, there’s a Field Report on the Red Pill titled “Asian Chicks.” Very straightforward, very to the point. It was started by some 50-year old dude who calls himself “Entropy-7” who’s lived in China for 5 years and has determined that not all Asian women are the same. THANK YOU. In fact, he finds that he doesn’t like Chinese women because they don’t shave their muffs, they hate giving head, and they don’t like fat people, so he found himself a “92 pound waterbottle filipina” instead. In his words, “She sucks dick, she shaves, her skin is a few shades darker, her eyes are a bit wider and her English is better.”

Now since our friend Entropy-7 is such an upstanding citizen and loyal boyfriend, he wasn’t able to sample any of the Thai chicks while he was in Thailand, so he sought out fellow Men’s Rights Activists on the Red Pill to discuss and celebrate the differences between women from different Asian cultures. These were his findings:

  • Koreans: Similar to westerners
  • Chinese: NOT submissive or demure, very misleading
  • Japanese: Will do everything in bed except #2, actively looking for gaijen, looking for commitment
  • Cambodians: Conservative, unlikely to date a foreigner
  • Taiwanese: Don’t spit, gorgeous tight body, fantastic face, ate carefully
  • Indonesians: Liars and cheaters
  • Filipinos: Domestic


The concept of owning another human being isn’t novel. It’s been a part of our country’s history since its founding. It’s why systemic racism exists. But let’s bring it back to Audrea Lim’s editorial, where she talks about the perpetuating myth about Asian and Asian American women: the idea that we’re subservient and hypersexualized, especially when compared to Western women.

This myth has roots in America’s postwar occupation of Asia. After World War II, a network of brothels opened in Japan, servicing thousands of US troops. During the Korean War, brothel owners set up camptowns near U.S. military bases, exploiting about 300,000 Korean, Filipina and Russian women. In 1965, 85 percent of GI men surveyed reported having “been with” or “been out with” a prostitute. For many of these women, the only way out of the sex trade was to marry a GI. There have been more than half a million marriages between Asian women and male GIs since World War II.

The sex industry during the Vietnam War wasn’t much different. And human trafficking today is still a very real issue in the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Human beings are still being sold to other human beings.


Alia Marsha remarked in VICE that sometimes it’s difficult to suss out whether or not a man likes you for you or if he likes you because you’re a tiny Asian woman, so I created a simple Buzzfeedesque quiz to help aid the justifiably confused, especially in a world where online dating is often treated like a sushi bar.

This quiz has been scientifically vetted by me, a token Asian woman and marketing professional, so you should absolutely take everything I say here very seriously because it’s 100% true.


  1. Are the majority of his exes Asian, despite him living in a place where Asians are the minority? Bonus points if you notice that his exes have absolutely nothing in common except for the fact that all of your ancestors were born somewhere on the continent of Asia.

2. Konnichiwa! Has he tried to greet you in Japanese, and you’re not Japanese, studying Japanese, or currently in Japan? Chances are he wants to impress you with his knowledge of the Asian language (because all Asians are the same), and it’s too bad that you have no clue what he’s saying. But, have no fear, he is now the subject matter expert and can teach you things.

3. Does he have a fascination with everything Japanese—video games, anime, manga? Now this one is a bit tricky because we are the Adult Swim generation, and you’d be hardpressed to not know anyone who wasn’t into Gundam Wing or Dragonball Z. In fact, this point poses the danger of misdiagnosing our awesome nerd friends with Yellow Fever, so proceed with caution, and ask this followup question: Has he asked you to try a sexual position that he saw in a hentai video, possibly involving tentacles? Run the fuck away.

4. Does he own a yukata and actually wear it? This actually isn’t an argument about cultural appropriation because I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing a yukata, but it’s just really weird when you knock on someone’s door and they unexpectedly answer it in nothing but a yukata. Just free rolling in the wind. This has happened to me three times with three different people. It’s…um… it’s a pattern.

5. Has he relocated to Asia for the sole purpose of finding an obedient Asian wife?

Actually, if the answer to that last one is a yes, then he probably has Yellow Fever..and a ton of other things going on with him.


Do you aspire to own an oriental rug? And I’m not talking about my vagina… I mean an actual oriental rug.

Like the yukata incidents, this is another thing that most guys I’ve seriously dated have in common. If they don’t already have an oriental rug — they’re well-made, if you didn’t know — they have really specific reasons for wanting one. It’s a rite of passage. Being able to afford an oriental rug means you’ve officially entered adulthood because that shit is expensive.

I’m debating on whether or not I want to include that in my Buzzfeed quiz, or if I just have a type — guys who like oriental rugs. Maybe I should put that in my online dating profile, instead of “Must love dogs”: Must Love Oriental Rugs.

I actually had to google whether or not it was PC to say the word “Oriental,” because surprise, I’m actually a lot more American than I am Asian. As it turns out, former President Barack Obama had banned that term, along with others, from all policy documents in 2016 because it’s insulting and outdated. As former governor of New York David Paterson once said in an interview with NPR, “it’s how you describe RUGS, not PEOPLE.”

The term “Oriental” was originally used in reference to the geographical region southeast of the Himalayas, but the word has been warped to mean something different — to reinforce the idea that Asians were and are forever foreign and could never become American. These ideas helped to justify immigration exclusion, racial discrimination, violence, and segregation. And this is why we can’t have nice things.


Many of the opinions that I’ve expressed tonight have been told through the lens of heteronormative men — politicians, researchers, white supremacists. In fact, what stood out when I first came across Audrea Lim’s op-ed in the Times was that it was actually written by an Asian American woman.

Asian and Asian American voices are frequently not represented in the media and in popular culture. And I’m so excited that now, in 2018, there’s a movement to get more people from marginalized communities into positions of power, but we still have a lot of work to do.

You may have noticed that while I used the words Asian and Asian American as a blanket term to cover one of the largest and most diverse populations of the world, I haven’t mentioned South Asians — yes, they are Asian too. And as a country, we have yet to wrap our heads around the nuances between each individual culture. In some ways, Men’s Rights Activists and the Alt-Right are ahead of the curve when it comes to recognizing the differences between people of Asian descent… sort of. We can do better. We should do better.

And it starts with speaking your truth. Don’t let anyone else represent you. Get up on stage and tell your story. Or if you’re shy, discuss it with a close friend or two. Be an ally. Listen. Don’t invalidate other people’s experiences just because you can’t relate to them.

And if you really want that Oriental rug, then go get it. Don’t let my judgment stop you.