Becoming Free

Thoughts on becoming a free Professional

Empty E
Empty E
Oct 7, 2016 · 3 min read

This is a call to action to all professionals who believe there is more to life than creating wealth for corporations. A call to all the architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers, designers, drafters, scientists and project managers to free yourself from corporate ownership.

Remind yourself that there is nothing fair or moral in championing unfair and amoral systems. The current model of corporatised and industrialised professional services is turning out to be one of those unfair and amoral systems.

This should come as no surprise, as corporations are built to maximise profit. Simply, this is achieved by increasing income and decreasing expenses. Your remuneration is an expense.

These corporations prevent you from leaving by convincing you that you need them to exist; that it is only through them that you can work. This is not true.

This system of industrialising and corporatising the world does not represent the pinnacle of human civilisation. It has been largely useful to date, but its tyranny, environmental and social recklessness and inequality have brought about the beginning of its demise. The time to change it is now.

Most employees and employers have their roles confused. Employers should be fighting for the best employees, and constantly be demonstrating why they deserve the employees time and the resulting wealth that they create. Too often however scare tactics are used by employers to make employees believe their value is limited, and it is only through the good grace of the employer that they still have a job in such harsh, scarce times.

The industrial system of controlling labour, while originally a focussing force that achieved great feats, is now destroying freedom. Skilled and thoughtful workers, such as engineers, architects, creatives and designers have become replaceable, as the systems and processes that protect them from any personal responsibility also diminish their uniqueness, creativity and value.

If our freedom is an inalienable right, how have so many of us managed to sell it for a decent wage and “good conditions”.

Remember what you once believed: You are courageous, and have the ability to do more than you can imagine at this point in time. It is within you to do work you love. You can choose to conform and be a good worker or you can choose to live honestly and true to your character.

Beliefs of the freed professional:

  • I choose to share without exception. I know it’s right and that’s enough.
  • I am part of a community and believe in building up the knowledge of mankind, just as many before me have.
  • I choose to work on solving problems I care about.
  • I have a bias for action.
  • I embrace change but am conscious that, without realising it, I may fight change.
  • I believe in and practice complete transparency. I am courageous and proud of my work and therefore have nothing to hide.

Work should be a fun adventure that challenges us to solve problems and make things.

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