Are Legion Genesis Undervalued?

(compared to Legion Auxiliary that is)

TreasureDAO Legion Genesis

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about how would one value a Genesis Legion. Some of the prices were getting pretty crazy (88,000 $magic or US$400k), and for say an All-Class which gave a 200% mining boost, it could certainly be justified for a whale with a large $MAGIC stack.

But now that some of the gameplay mechanics have been released (specifically questing and summoning) we can start to work out whether the floor prices of legions are fair relative to each other.


I am not a financial modeler and this is obviously not financial advice, just a simple thought experiment.

The numbers below are current floor prices, summoning cost and profit.

*With Aux Legions I’ve assumed a recycling strategy of summoning for 1 week. Selling the exhausted legion at floor, and while you wait for the new legion to be ready (7 days) you spend the time questing — hence 26/26 split.

Legion Genesis has effectively unlimited summoning, so I’ve assumed constant re-summoning, then selling the Aux Legion. (You might get a premium as still has 1 summoning left but I’ve ignored that).

I have also ignored that you need 50 balancer crystals for 16+ summons (don’t think we know what they will cost just yet…)

Also both Gen and Aux legions get 3 EOS and 3 PS every quest with 20% chance of treasure drop.

You can do 3 quests a day, which is 21 quests per week — Floor is a little down at the moment and you could get a rare treasure, but I’m lazy, so that all said the questing is probably more profitable than that. Once EOS and PS utility is released, line should go up (see our previous story).

So if we multiply the questing profit and summoning profit by 26 weeks we get the potential annual max earnings from an Aux Legion. Likewise multiply the Gen legion summoning profit by 52 and we get it’s potential max earnings.

If we then deduct off the difference in floor value, it shows how much upside there is in Legion Genesis compared to Legion Auxiliary.


Before you rush out and sweep the Genesis floor here’s a few things to think about:

This is a super simplistic model, it ignores so much

  • Gas costs (lots of that in questing at the moment)
  • Time cost of money… (what’s the cost of capital?!)
  • opportunity / capital cost of balance crystals,
  • chance of rare treasure drop
  • chance of rare legion
  • Summoning may be disabled if the game gets unbalanced
  • value of questing likely to increase….
  • What will crafting do…


Hope this was useful, join our discord if you want to contribute to the Smol Street Journal.

Please give feedback and if a CFA wants to build a better model please share it!




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