3 Must-see Productions at the Dublin Theatre Festival 2017

Travelling to Dublin in the month of September? Then do head to the Dublin Theatre Festival which is to be held from 28th of September to the 15th of October, 2017. The Dublin Theatre Festival is an esteemed event which holds the title of being Europe’s oldest specialized Theatre Festival and has been serving as the stage for many eminent productions, legendary names in the world of Theatre, and also giving a fair chance to the new and upcoming artists.

Curated and founded by Theatre personality Brendan Smith in the year 1957 and has produced numerous Irish and International theatre shows. The idea behind curating this Theatre festival was also an attempt to bring communities closer and foster a sense of peace between countries, post the horrors of the deadly World War II. Over the last decades, this festival has gained immense popularity and has become an integral part of the Irish culture and tradition.

As the Europe’s oldest specialized Theatre fest turns 60 this year, the world is excited to see the range of Irish and International shows which will be showcased this autumn- and attending this festival should be the first on your list if you are visiting Dublin around this time. We at thesqua.re adore Dublin in all possible ways, and what better way to tell tales of Dublin than a 3 week-long festival dedicated to telling tales of Irish culture, people, history and their communities. Check out our incredible portfolio of 4-Star Luxury serviced apartments in Dublin and you won’t feel like you ever left the comforts of your own home! Now that your accommodation worries have been addressed, let’s take a look at some of the must-see productions of this year’s edition.

The Suppliant Women

Source: dublintheatrefestival.com

A beautiful and poignant play depicting the lives of 50 women who are in an attempt of breaking the glass ceiling and to smash the oppression of patriarchy. They get on a boat in North Africa and are heading to Greece to escape the clutches of forced marriage in their native communities and in search of assistance and to seek asylum in a new land. The play puts up a reflection of our communities, where the lived realities of women are often overlooked or not paid any heed to.

Venue:- Gaiety Theatre

Date and Timings:-

September 27th: Preview at 7:30 pm

September 28–29: 7:30pm

September 30th: 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm

Tickets: €16- €46

Come Away With Me to the End of the World

Source: dublintheatrefestival.com

If you wish to see a humorous production which deeply reflects on the life and the inevitability of death. The play shows 3 different characters who are negotiating their own physical and emotional spaces, between changing landscapes and climates. From snow-capped peaks to a breathing volcano- the landscapes blend in perfectly with the dilemma the characters face in understanding more about their real selves and one’s dreamed version. Go watch this production to see how the characters face death and if or not it is welcomed like an old friend.

Venue: — Samuel Beckett Theatre

Dates and Timings: -

September 28–29th: 7:30pm

September 30: 2:30pm, 7:30pm

October 1st: 2:30pm

Tickets: — €20-€25


Source: dublintheatrefestival.com

The World has seen much of William Shakespeare’s famous play- ‘Hamlet’, but many do not of ‘Hamnet’. Shakespeare before walking off his family to become the world’s most celebrated playwright, abandoning his only son named ‘Hamnet’. By the time the boy was 11 years of age, he was seriously ill and till the time Shakespeare came back to Stratford, Hamnet was long dead. The play beautifully depicts the journey of an eleven-year old boy and his estranged father, both in their own worlds. One too young to understand the other, while the other is a little too late. This production revolves solely around Hamnet and narrates his story and is worth going twice.

Venue:- Peacock Stage, Abbey Theatre

Dates and Timings: -

September 26–27th: Preview at 8 pm

September 29–30th: 8pm

October 4–7th: 8 pm

Tickets: — €18-€25

With 18 days of Live electrifying, poignant and deeply reflecting productions, The Dublin Theatre Festival is sure to be spell bounding. Witness many other intriguing and provocative Irish and International productions. All of this coupled with theatre for children, talks and artist discussions, workshops, individual performances, theatre workshops and much more. To chalk out your itinerary accordingly, see the full 18-day schedule here.

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