Food porn: Now we’re cooking!

We just started a food porn series. It’s been fun but also a learning experience.

It’s called ‘Outta Control.’ What’s in? Hot, innovative, mammoth or otherwise ridiculous edible items.

Things we’ve learned:

It’s not enough just to show the food–there’s a reason they call it food porn. If the cheese oozes, shoot it, get closer and shoot it again.

Be current. Food trends are a good gauge of what people’s interests are and they’re a consistent way to reach beyond your usual audience.

Square video is king. On most social platforms the 1:1 ratio puts more pixels on screens. Are vertical videos next? Stay tuned.

It takes a team. This is the first time we’ve started a series with reporters, social media editors and video producers sitting around the same table from conception to publication. We’ve had that many more darlings to kill and the results are stronger for it.

People do like these. The Outta Control series consistently out-performs most of our other Facebook video formats.

The Outta Control team includes Sharyn Jackson, Tom Horgen, Rachel Chazin and Jenni Pinkley.