On Startups and PR

Most entrepreneurs confuse PR with Hype. There is a big difference between the two.

PR — as the name stands — is managing the relationship between what your mission is and the Public so that they are informed. Creating Hype is a short term mindset and everyone feels short-changed at the end of it.

In PR, just like Sales — there is a huge difference between selling your product to customers and helping customers find a solution to their problems — there are different ways to achieve it. In PR, before you put out something in the world, ask yourself, “as a reader, how will this benefit me, or is it a brand making noise?”

If what you are telling the world, will genuinely have a take-away, you start building trust — and trust is a business model that has very little competitors.

Next time you think you have something to say the whole world, put yourself in the shoes of the reader and ask, “so what? What does that mean for me as an individual, or a business or manager?”

If you can answer that question diligently, you start building a relationship — one based on trust.



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