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Binance Premieres “The Battle of Asia” Esports Tourney exclusively powered by Theta Network

We’re thrilled to announce that Theta Network is sponsoring Binance’s premiere global esports tournament: The Battle of Asia 2020 starting September 22. But more importantly, Binance will be utilizing Theta blockchain technology to stream all the matches worldwide on and, inviting everyone to share their bandwidth to earn TFUEL. As part of this initiative, Binance is integrating TFUEL earnings, a custom Theta video player, interactive chat and more directly on an exclusive page on global website. This is a great opportunity to showcase Theta technology in action and scaling to thousands of savvy blockchain and esports enthusiasts.

Top esports teams from Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines will be competing in PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular mobile games to date with over 50 million Daily Active Users, with the majority of users coming from Asia. Binance Battle of Asia will be held across the APAC region, starting with qualification rounds in each country from September 22–26, then moving up to the final rounds between each country’s best teams from September 30-October 2 to find the best in Asia. Country qualifiers will also be streamed by local country partners in addition to, while final rounds will be exclusively streamed on and website, Theta mobile app on Android/iOS, Android TV, Theta-Littlstar PS4 app, and dozens of Live Embed partner sites.

I’m particularly excited about this partnership as it will be the first time that Theta will be powering a global esports tournament — as we near explosive growth and adoption. This brings back memories when Jieyi and I were just getting started in 2016–2017 doing live 360 VR productions trying to push 8k quality streams (4k per eye) from backstage at esports tournaments like ESL: New York, Dreamhack and Intel Extreme Masters. Those hands-on challenges and learnings were hugely important to get to where we are today. We had to scramble, innovate and build cutting edge technology. In the process we mastered really hard problems and received multiple VR, streaming and live rendering patents then, and similarly, just last week we announced our first Theta blockchain data delivery patent. Our Theta journey has just begun and we invite you to join us in this adventure and tune in September 22!

Mitch Liu

CEO, Theta Labs



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