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A New Era of Film Funding and Distribution

Independent creators often face significant challenges in the traditional journey of a film from inception to the screen, particularly in funding and distribution. In an unprecedented move that marks a new era in the film industry, First Flights, a pioneer in supporting emerging independent film talent, has joined forces with Theta Labs, the leader in blockchain technology redefining the future of video, AI, and entertainment, to address these two obstacles.

To mitigate the financial challenges filmmakers face, grants of up to $10,000 are available through the First Flights Short Film Fund (round open as of 9th Feb) which will cover production costs and ensure creators can realize their projects selected by the award-winning First Flights team in partnership with Theta Labs.

Additionally, First Flights and Theta Labs are offering applicants the chance to secure an additional $1,000 to boost the promotion and marketing of their film. This initiative also opens the door for filmmakers to collaborate with Theta Labs and tap into their renowned community for unparalleled audience reach.

Award recipients will also gain access to Theta Labs’ Enterprise DRM Technology, protecting films from unauthorized use and mirroring the security of a theatre premiere online. This ensures that films are financed and released with the backing of a supportive community and remain secure and monitored through Theta’s proprietary patented technology.

Finally, in a first-of-its-kind initiative, every participant to the Short Film Fund will receive a unique First Flights Badge, called FF3 badge, symbolizing their contribution and granting them access to exclusive screenings and community events down the line. This initiative aims to build a supportive and collaborative network of filmmakers.

Who are First Flights?

First Flights is an innovative platform designed to empower emerging filmmakers by providing them with the resources and support needed to bring their creative visions to life. In the span of three years, it has built a network of over 15,000 filmmakers, and through its Short Film Fund, First Flights has successfully funded sixteen film projects and further supported five additional projects via its tax relief program. The initiative’s success is highlighted by the critical acclaim its supported films receive, including Oscar and BAFTA awards. In partnership with Goldfinch, First Flights has been instrumental in launching the careers of 13 debut directors, showcasing its commitment to nurturing new talent in the film industry.

The Short Film Fund: A Launchpad for Aspiring Filmmakers

The 2024 Edition of the First Flights Short Film Fund has opened unprecedented opportunities for filmmakers, offering up to $10,000 in funding alongside premiering opportunities on Theta Web3 Theatre powered by Theta’s decentralized video infrastructure.

Participation in this fund provides creators with an FF3 Badge, acting as a key to exclusive screenings, events, workshops, and even an additional chance to win $1,000 in funding towards distribution and marketing costs for the winning films. This secures the necessary financial backing and ensures a dedicated audience for the film’s release.

To claim these benefits, filmmakers must redeem their FF3 Badge on ThetaDrop, integrating them further into the First Flights and Theta ecosystem.

Building a Supportive Filmmaking Community

This partnership goes beyond financial support, aiming to enrich filmmakers’ knowledge and skills. In 2024, First Flights Future Film Academy members will join the vibrant community of FF3 Badge holders, gaining access to a rich repository of educational content. This initiative funds projects and promotes a new generation of informed and talented filmmakers, offering them a platform to thrive in an evolving industry.

A Solution for Secure Online Premiers

One significant modern challenge is securing online film sharing, and maintaining the exclusivity comparable to theatre screenings. Theta Web3 Theatre addresses this with a patented, blockchain-based solution for secure distribution and user authentication, safeguarding films against piracy and unauthorized distribution. This technological advancement gives filmmakers the confidence to securely host online screenings, similar to private, real-world cinema screenings and offers creators peace of mind when hosting online screenings for their fans.

A Bright Future for Filmmakers

This partnership between First Flights and Theta Labs represents a significant milestone for the Film3 movement, easing the challenges of film funding and distribution evolution. By embracing Web3 technology, this initiative democratizes access to resources, protection, and visibility for filmmakers, thereby fueling innovation and diversity in the cinematic arts.

Through this collaboration, First Flights becomes a pivotal reference for aspiring filmmakers, whether Web3 natives or not, to embark on their journey into Web3. At the same time, Theta Network consolidates itself as the preferred choice for artists ranging from large studios to indie filmmakers, looking to integrate new solutions to enhance their works.

For aspiring filmmakers dreaming of bringing their stories to life and sharing them with the world, the journey begins here.

Welcome to the new era of film funding and distribution.



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