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Immersive Enterprise Laboratories (IEL) announced as the latest launch partner for Theta Metachain

We’re thrilled to announce that Immersive Enterprise Laboratories (IEL) has become a launch partner for Theta Metachain’s December 1st release. IEL joins other announced partners like Fuse Media, Replay, and TrooVRS who plan to create their own subchains on Theta Metachain.

Immersive Enterprise Laboratories (IEL) is an Animation and Web3 Entertainment studio, now emerging from stealth and on a mission to deliver the next generation of entertainment and experiences. The IEL team is comprised of technology veterans and creators from the entertainment industry who are on a mission to produce the experiences needed to bring Web3 Entertainment to life. Their storytelling abilities, artistic expertise, and proficiency in entertainment technologies enable them to create compelling and engaging experiences.

IEL is led by Daniel Urbach — Chief Creative Officer, and Blake Baxter — Chief Executive Officer. Daniel co-founded WonderFirst — Impossible Science, and has 20 years of experience in animation working with Disney, Sony, Fox, Cartoon Network, Apple, Netflix, and Comicon HQ. Blake holds advisory board positions at multiple companies in the Blockchain, Impact Investing, Entertainment Technology, Media, Supply Chain, and Web3 spaces. He has 15 years of experience as a strategic advisor for ultra-high net-worth and family offices, as well as 10 years in venture capital and private equity.

”We are greatly honored to be a strategic launch partner of Theta’s Mainchain. We are committed to leveraging our workflow and creative acumen to provide the Web3 community with high-quality entertainment and immersive experiences. With Theta’s blockchain technology and IEL’s creative pipeline, we have the ability to usher in a new age of entertainment that lowers the barriers of entry, reaches audiences globally, and connects fans with the content they love.”

IEL’s comprehensive technology stack includes real-time live motion capture, advanced motion capture stunt coordination, collaborative workflows, industry-standard 3D modeling tools, real-time rendering, visual effects, and post-production integrations. Combined with our state-of-the-art workflow, these technologies produce the highest quality visualization, style, storytelling, and visual fidelity.

IEL also brings original content and IP to life and connects with audiences in more immersive ways. Concepts in development include Ruby, the travel agent of the metaverse, showing off the amazing worlds she can take you to and ending in a live performance in the hub world of the metaverse.

Meanwhile, in the original property, codenamed ‘Project X’, robots battle in a showcase of metaverse sports using real-time motion capture.

Theta Metachain is designed to enable customizable, highly scalable blockchains tailored for emerging Web3 businesses in the media and entertainment space. IEL looks to integrate into Theta’s Metachain network to leverage its scalability to support the various needs of IEL’s platform infrastructure currently in development.

IEL was launched to connect the highest level of creative talent from the Entertainment Industry with the world of Web3 in order to bring the next generation of entertainment to life, including Immersive live entertainment, interactive experiences, animated Series and Feature Films, gaming, Metaverse World Creation, and NFTs — 2D, 3D, and functional Full Body Avatars; Collections; Collectibles; and Goods. Whether it’s for Theta community projects or enterprise partners, we expect IEL to be a valuable resource to help bring their concepts and IP to a new dimension of creativity.



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