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Introducing Livestream support for Theta Video API, enabling decentralized livestreaming in any app or website

We’re excited to announce that Theta Video API (TVA) has now added BETA support for livestreaming! Now live video can also be streamed over Theta’s decentralized video delivery network and easily embedded in any app or website. For the initial release, we only support streamers from the US region. We will expand to more regions in the near future.

You can find the API reference for using TVA for livestreaming here. Alternatively, you can also create a livestream using the TVA dashboard from the “Livestreams” tab. Simply click on the “New Stream” button, and copy the “Stream Server” and “Stream Key” to your OBS and start streaming!

Theta Video API allows developers to add decentralized video to any website or application without any central servers, content delivery or video hosting software. It’s simple for developers to use: a web or mobile developer posts a video file to the Theta Video API ingest endpoint and get a playable video URL in return along with a few lines of JavaScript code which enables the Theta decentralized stream delivery library. This has led to adoption by numerous video platforms and projects including Rewarded TV, Passaways, and OpenTheta which incorporated a TVA-hosted video alongside our groundbreaking NFT DRM technology.

The existing Theta Video API release supported static VOD (Video on Demand) video ingest and p2p video delivery. Now TVA has expanded to livestreaming, providing the same ease of use for embedding live video into any app or website. Adding livestream support also opens the door to using NFT DRM for livestreams. This has huge implications for the ticketing of live events online — picture a Pay Per View or online conference that can mint Theta NFTs to sell as tickets to the livestream of their event, with the livestream simply and easily hosted by Theta Video API. It’s an all-in-one solution to live video that can be implemented with just basic developer experience.

Later this year TVA video encoding will be integrated into Theta’s Elite Edge Nodes which enables these 100k+ global nodes to perform commercial video encoding jobs with high reliability and uptime, earning TFUEL in exchange for the computational power they provide. As a final step, the release of decentralized storage support on Elite Edge Nodes in 2022 will support storage of the source video files and VoD content completing the end-to-end video pipeline. This effectively delivers on Theta’s Web 3.0 vision where anyone can stream video over a decentralized network with no permissions, no interference and no central entities. Try it out for yourself and see how with Theta you can integrate decentralized livestreaming anywhere!



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