Jon Heder’s Order of the Tigons joins Theta Metachain as a launch partner

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3 min readNov 22, 2022


We’re excited to announce that Order of the Tigons, a leading NFT project on ThetaDrop and one of 25 validator nodes on the Theta Network, has joined Theta Metachain as a launch partner!

Order of the Tigons (OOTT) is a creative venture developed by Verified Labs, a Web3 production studio focused on blockchain tech, digital art, media, entertainment, and the future of the metaverse. Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory, CYKO KO) is one of five partners in Verified Labs, and is the artist behind the quirky hybridized space cats featured in the Tigons 2D generative NFT collection.

“We are proud to be a part of the Theta ecosystem, and excited for what the future holds with Mainnet 4.0’s evolution of the blockchain,” said Matt Winters, Chief Project Officer at Verified Labs. “We were early adopters of Theta Network, so bringing our Tigons project to ThetaDrop was an easy decision. Today, as we continue to execute on the creative vision of Jon and other partners throughout the entertainment space, it makes sense to allow OOTT to take advantage of all the innovative possibilities that come with having our own Theta subchain.”

Order of the Tigons will be among the first projects to offer NFT staking when ThetaDrop completes open beta testing of NFT withdrawals from the marketplace. In a first-of-its-kind technology developed by the Web3 innovation firm, Fuel Foundry, Tigons staking will feature “in wallet virtual staking,” which allows NFT holders to earn rewards while keeping NFTs in their own Metamask wallets. Staking rewards will be paid in Kfuel, OOTT’s unique TNT-20 token built on the Theta blockchain, and will also be offered to Theta node operators. Kfuel will be used for governance and perks for upcoming Tigons releases, including participating in story development, tickets to premiers, casting, & with enough Kfuel, even an Executive Producer title on an upcoming Tigons animated series.

Verified Labs is also in works to bring OOTT to the metaverse. “Jon’s unique imagination is coming to life in the Sandbox Game,” explained Winters. “We’re working with leading-edge Sandbox developers to create Tigonia, a social and gaming experience where players will use their Tigon avatars to compete in battles and complete challenges to earn Kfuel, which they’ll be able to use to purchase in-game assets and to bling out their avatars with all kinds of wild Tigons swag.” Tigonia is set to launch in an upcoming Sandbox Alpha season in 2023.

Following the groundbreaking venture of Cyko KO, an animated blockchain pilot in the Theta ecosystem in which the lead character will be voiced by Jon Heder, OOTT is also currently exploring development of an animated series featuring Tigons. “The unique possibilities of things like NFT-funding, direct community involvement, and watch-to-earn capabilities of blockchain-based entertainment are mind-blowing,” continued Winters. “Creating and delivering this new kind of entertainment is just one example of why we’re so excited to help discover and define what’s possible with the power of our own dedicated blockchain.”