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Klip wallet launches within KakaoTalk messenger app, providing easy access to Korea for KakaoTalk users

The blockchain wallet Klip launched today built into KakaoTalk messenger app, providing easy access to Korea for 50 million+ KakaoTalk users. With just a few clicks from the KakaoTalk app, users can open the Klip wallet and access featured dapps like Korea, powered by the Theta Network. Users of the app earn TFUEL simply by watching and sharing popular esports game streams, IRL and other content through the Theta network. With a simple conversion step TFUEL is easily exchanged to Klaytn-based ‘Beans’ token, developed by Theta Labs, which can be used for donations, purchase store items and more. Beans is also directly integrated into the Klip cryptocurrency wallet, and in the future can be used in various dapps and within the broader KakaoTalk ecosystem. It’s already live, so you can check it out right now in your KakaoTalk app!

Developed by Ground X, Klip provides a unique opportunity to use digital assets within KakaoTalk, a mobile messaging application used by more than 90% of the South Korean population — including international users, more than 50 million users in total!

Klip is designed for mainstream adoption, including users with little to no previous knowledge of blockchain or crypto assets. It allows users to send and receive digital assets person-to-person with their basic KakaoTalk account information, rather than complex wallet addresses typical of most blockchain wallets. The digital asset transfer is as fast as an instant wire transfer yet does not incur additional fees.

We’re very excited about the new exposure Korea will get from being featured front-and-center in the Klip wallet. Korea is a featured dapp in Klip, advertised to any new user that sets up a Klip wallet:

With just a few clicks from the KakaoTalk app, users can click through from the Klip wallet to dapps built with Klaytn, like Korea.

From the KakaoTalk app, you just open the built-in Klip wallet, which comes with support for the Klaytn-based ‘Beans’ token that features in Korea. Directly linked from Klip is the download for Korea itself, where you can watch live live content With the new exposure of Korea, we’ll also be expanding to add new Korean content exclusive to Korea.

Download KakaoTalk app to start using Klip and Korea today!




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