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Meet the winners of the Theta Hackathon!

The latest Theta Hackathon has come to an end, and we’re thrilled with the response and incredible projects that were submitted! Theta hackathons are a core way Theta community developers are supported, and previously featured critical community projects such as GPool, Guardian Monitor, and ThetaBoard. The hackathon was broken up into four different project categories: Streaming Video, Gaming, NFTs, and General with a total of $500k in prizes. The winning teams will be contacted early next week to arrange your prize awards. Without further ado, here are the top projects in each category!

Streaming Video

1st prize: Streamverse — Ecosystem for streamers to monetize their streams and moments without any third party

2nd prize: Theta Video Plugin — Enabling any Wordpress-based website to easily host their videos using Theta Video API

3rd Prize: Scubr — Post short-form video content, mint NFTs out of your videos, and trade NFT videos in the Scubr marketplace


1st prize: Extreme Fishing — Reel in the mysteries of the sea and convert your rare catches into generative NFTs

2nd Prize: DevTycoon — Play-to-earn game that mimics the daily life of a developer

3rd Prize: The Bug Adventure Show —live adventure game show streamed with Theta blockchain


1st prize: TKETS — The first decentralised and permissionless NFT ticketing platform, powered by Theta Network

2nd Prize: —the first independent and public NFT marketplace on the Theta blockchain

3rd Prize: Highvibe Network — NFT Minting and Marketplace with TDROP mining infrastructure


1st prize: TNS (Theta Name Service) — a suite of smart contracts to enable registration, assigning to address, and transfer of .theta domain names hosted on the Theta blockchain

2nd Prize: Theta Data — Retrieve all the data you need from Theta Network with one single Graphql statement

3rd Prize: Theta Wallet Desktop — a full desktop application for PC and Mac that runs the Theta Web Wallet.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who participated! The Theta ecosystem keeps growing and the projects participating in Theta hackathons just keep getting better and better. The next phase of Theta Hackathon will being in Q1 with another $500k in prizes, so stay tuned for details and get ready to start work on your next projects. The whole Theta team and community appreciate your contributions to make Theta blockchain the leader in decentralized media and entertainment!




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