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Meet the winners of the Theta Hackathon Q1 2022

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the latest Theta hackathon, each an excellent example of the kind of projects taking the Theta ecosystem to the next level. Theta hackathons are a core way Theta community developers are supported, and prior hackathons featured critical community projects such as GPool, OpenTheta, and ThetaBoard.

“We are seeing a significant increase in development interest in Theta blockchain, and we expect ongoing Theta hackathons to further incentivize new development teams to build their projects on Theta” said Theta CTO Jieyi Long. “Our team is excited to see the next generation of apps built to expand Theta’s role as the leading blockchain for the media and entertainment space”.

The Q1 2022 Theta Hackathon features a $500k prize pool split among the top 3 projects in each of these categories:

  1. Video
  2. NFTs and ThetaPass
  3. Metaverse and Gaming
  4. DeFi

Without further ado, here are the top projects in each category!


1st Place: Terner Academy, a blockchain-based online learning platform that fully utilizes Theta Network and Theta Video API

2nd Place: ThetaBox, a video management system and media gateway for decentralized content delivery

3rd Place: ThetaBundle, allowing content creators to sell bundles/rights to their video or gaming content via transactable Theta smart contracts

NFTs and ThetaPass

1st Place: ThetaDrop Rarity, helping the Theta community discover, analyze and acquire NFTs

2nd Place: OpenZeta, a decentralized NFT marketplace that artists and users can use to create NFTs with zero coding

3rd Place: ThetaMillion, 1,000,000 pixels for sale with each data pointed minted as an NFT and stored on Theta blockchain

Gaming and Metaverse

1st Place: dEmpire, a multiplayer Real-Time Strategy game that mixes NFTs, Play To Earn, and Streaming

2nd Place: Thetabulls, The Bull Pen Arena NFT Game​

3rd Place: Colossus Project, a user-controlled game and ecosystem using VROA ( Visual Representation Of Accomplishments) NFTs


1st Place: Fluido, the no-code interface for deploying and managing your tokens on Theta Network

2nd Place: DeThetaFi (Decentralized Theta Finance), a platform that enables Theta projects to create their own staking pool and increase the utility of their tokens

3rd Place: ThetaKVM, an offline Theta wallet and password manager

Thanks to all the participants in the hackathon! It was tough to choose only 3 winners in each category, but there will be more options to win in more Theta hackathons on the way. The winning teams will be contacted in the next week to arrange your prize awards.



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