Metachain Cross-chain Bridging Guide

Theta Labs
Theta Network
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2 min readDec 2, 2022


Bridging assets between Theta Mainchain and different subchains can be done via the Theta Web Wallet. First, login to your Theta Wallet. You will see a new menu option for Cross Chain Transfer.

This new menu will prompt you to select the chain/subchain you wish to transfer to (in this case “Playground (360888)”, the new Developer Playground subchain), the asset to transfer, and the amount of tokens to transfer. The destination address is preset as the cross-chain transfer will always be made to the corresponding address on the destination chain. Click Transfer to complete the transfer.

To verify the transfer has been completed, you can click the menu in the upper left that says “Mainnet / Main Chain”, then switch to the Mainnet network “Playground (360888)”. You can now see your address on that subchain and the tokens we transferred to it. To transfer back from a subchain to the Main Chain, simply follow the same procedure while logged into the subchain wallet, and select Main Chain as the destination wallet.

Note: At this time subchains will be added to Theta Wallet and Theta Explorer via whitelist by Theta Labs. Any Theta subchain can be added to Metamask using the Add Network feature, and in the future that feature can potentially be added to Theta Explorer/Wallet as well.

You can also click on “View all transactions on explorer” above your transaction list to see this address’ history on Theta Explorer, which now also supports subchains.