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Replay becomes the next Theta Metachain launch partner, begins testing on Metachain testnet

We’re excited to announce that Replay has become a launch partner for Theta Metachain, bringing one of the most exciting Theta Dapps to the next-gen 4.0 upgrade of the Theta blockchain.

Replay is the blockchain video tracking & payments platform supercharging video for web3. Replay tracks video consumption in real time, removing monetization friction for content creators and delivering unparalleled transparency into viewership and performance. Built on Theta’s blockchain protocol, Replay enables digital-ready streams that are trackable on the blockchain and available for distribution via a consumption-based model, using the RPLAY TNT-20 token to decentralize and reimagine video streaming, tracking and payments.

Replay also launched Rewarded TV, a blockchain-enabled OTT streaming service that lets viewers earn crypto in real-time for watching, sharing and engaging with their favorite content, without ads or subscriptions. Powered by Theta blockchain, viewers can today sign-up for free and enjoy premium VOD and Live TV content. Users are able to earn RPLAY, a TNT-20 Theta token, for watching, sharing and engaging with their favorite content, as well as purchase NFTs which evolve in real time to unlock exclusive token-gated content.

With a growing media platform and thousands of users onboarded, Replay’s usage of Theta blockchain is increasing rapidly. To handle their large transaction volume, they will begin testing on a subchain deployed on the Metachain Testnet. This will help scale Replay’s platform to greater transaction volume, while also helping stress test Theta Metachain ahead of the December mainnet launch.

“We’re so proud to partner with Theta Labs and take part in the launch of next-generation Mainnet 4.0 Metachain. Theta’s status as the leading blockchain in media and streaming technology makes them the obvious strategic partner for Replay.” said Replay Founder and CEO Krish Arvapally. “Powering our proprietary video consumption tracking directly on chain, Theta Metachain enables all video encoding, streaming and storage of content across our blockchain-powered streaming service”

Replay also recently announced that the cast of Napoleon Dynamite are reuniting for a brand-new animated series, Cyko KO, based on Rob Feldman’s Ringo Award-nominated comic book of the same title. The 12-minute pilot will be funded, produced and distributed using Theta NFTs to unlock exclusive access and RPLAY Rewards Multipliers on Rewarded TV.

“With the ability to enable content creators like never before with NFT-gated content via ThetaPass, Theta enables Replay to build and deliver the web3 framework to supercharge video distribution.”



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