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Replay launches new Theta Validator Node, the 25th validator overall

We’re excited to share that Replay, the leading blockchain-based video tracking & payments platform, has now launched their own Theta Validator Node.

Replay’s validator node can be found at Theta address 0xd21ffe1e260eb063d89365b9d16f8ec12558c6fd.

Replay is the leading blockchain-based video tracking & payments platform for content owners. Powering the web3 Content Economy, Replay removes monetization friction for content creators and users to deliver unparalleled transparency into viewership and performance. Built on Theta’s blockchain protocol , Replay enables digital-ready streams that are trackable on the blockchain and available for distribution via a consumption-based model, using RPLAY, an upcoming TNT-20 token, to decentralize video tracking and payments. This technology can be found in action on Rewarded TV, a blockchain enabled OTT streaming service rewarding end users and content owners with instant tracking and liquidity.

“We chose to build the Replay platform on Theta blockchain since it’s the clear leader in the blockchain space for media and entertainment.” said Krish Arvapally, CEO and Founder of Replay. “In addition to Rewarded TV and our upcoming RPLAY token, we’re excited to expand our integration in the Theta ecosystem as an Theta Validator Node and participate directly in block production.”

The Theta validator group continues to grow into a diverse cross-section of the different stakeholders in the Theta Ecosystem. The total number of Theta validator nodes is now 25, including:

  • Media and tech companies (Samsung, Sony, Google, CAA)
  • Crypto projects and exchanges (Replay, Binance, gumi Cryptos, Blockchain)
  • Individuals from the Theta community
  • Institutional investors (Sierra, DHVC, Heuristic Capital, Venture Reality Fund, and GFR Fund)
  • Theta Labs

Now that the required THETA stake has been reduced to 200,000 THETA, we expect many more community validators to come online and further diversify and decentralize the protocol. Watch for a greatly expanded validator pool for Theta blockchain in 2022!



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