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Samsung Next’s Patrick Chang takes the lead on Theta Labs investment

Theta is excited to have Patrick Chang, Director at Samsung Next Ventures, now taking the lead in managing Samsung Next’s investment in Theta Labs.

Patrick Chang is an early stage investor at Samsung Next Ventures. He primarily focuses on seed to series B enterprise investing and specializes in Blockchain, Edge Computing, and Open Source. Prior to Samsung Next, Patrick was at Foundation Capital with a focus on SaaS and enterprise software. He has over 15 years of experience investing in enterprise software in various stages from seed to growth equity at Bain Capital Ventures, Investor Growth Capital and more. Prior to investing, he was a tech investment banker focused on enterprise software.

Even before joining Samsung Next, Patrick was investing in Bitcoin and bullish on blockchain. As part of Samsung Next, Patrick has been a driving force behind their push into blockchain technology, including hosting round tables, participating in the taskforce that led to the Samsung Wallet, and other blockchain partnerships. Patrick has been involved in Samsung Next’s most important crypto and blockchain investments over the years, including Dapper Labs (creator of Cryptokitties), Forte, Alchemy, Filament, and Theta Labs.

Looking forward to working closer with you, Patrick!

-Theta team



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